OFFICIAL - Chevrolet Volt rated @ 230mpg!

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    In a major announcement by General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson, it has now been confirmed that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt will be rated at 230 MPG city. GM claims this will be the first mass-produced vehicle to achieve triple-digit fuel economy numbers. Fritz also states that GM is confident the new Volt will get a "triple digit" number for highway fuel economy as well. To charge the Volt to a full charge will cost about 40 cents!

    In the conference, Fritz also CONFIRMED that Cadillac is working quickly on an entry-level rear-wheel drive sedan and coupe! We fully expect that he was referring to the "ATS," which is slated for the Alpha platform and will be GM's direct competitor to the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class.
  2. I wonder how long it takes to charge it
  3. Good for GM
  4. dam thats more than 10 times of what my 4-banger does in the city!!!
  5. Cool. Good job GM, hopefully people will at least take a look at this car instead of juts blindly buying a Japanese car for the 'fuel economy'.
  6. lol I hope its true so all these #%$gots in their shitass priuses feel like shit
  7. hah, Toyota has to be shitting themselves if this is true..
  8. Man! Even rated at 100MPG, I would buy one.

    That's amazing.
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  10. thats so true nissan should watch what it claims before it performs worse than it its below average initial quality.
  11. I would rather have this over the Tesla S.
  13. so you like going slow
  14. did anyone actually read how they calculated that mpg? the car can go 40 miles on just electric, the 230mpg figure is if your commute 42 miles.

    Im not kidding either.
  15. They need to make a plug in hybrid silverado, corvette, camaro ect.
  16. At least you don't constantly have to look for a charging station.
  17. so if you drive 230 miles, it will have used more than 1 gallon?

    sons of #%[email protected]
  18. 40 miles is enough for most driving people do. The gas mileage when not on electric probably isn't half bad either.
  19. I just read in the newspaper that it will be priced at 40,000 US dollars?

    Nobody will buy it! Too damn expensive.
  20. No, that's Porshit
  21. its low volume though. Theyre pretty much just an environmental halo car. They will sell every one of them easily. piece of shit priuses were selling for almost that much at their peak and this thing is 10x more sweet.
  22. It actually says in this release too that 80% of people commute less than 40 miles per day.

    These results are from the EPA, who have made a very specific set of tests to account for all the factors that go into the fuel economy of IC engines. The problem is this test may not be optimized for this type of series-hybrid (I believe) powertrain. Regardless, 230 EPA is 230 EPA, and an article on digg says the car gets 50mpg city after the charge is gone, which means even for the people who commute 90 miles you're still using only 1 gallon of gas.

    This is of course, if you assume EPA ratings are really that close to what you get in the real world, which is almost never the case. This is still a really impressive car, and I hope like the prius, it has lots of success, even though the technology is not affordable for a lot of people now.
  23. As much as Ford sold every last Ranger EV and Toyota sold every last RAV4 EV..

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