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    The first C6 Corvette to be in a accident.


    The story goes, as quoted by the owner on the Corvette:

    "You know I really hate to post this one.. I am most depressed about this...

    I picked up some light bulbs Saturday evening at Home Depot. I left Home Depot and my girl and I pulled up first at the intersection. When.. BLAM.. a Dodge Neon doing about 50 mph collided with a Green Chevy truck. The truck was shoved laterally into my new C6. When the truck struck us the rear wheels were in the air. It landed on the hood of the C6. Only 190 miles on the C6 OD and 7 months worth of waiting!!

    I realize that we are lucky that neither one of us was seriously injured.

    Please tell me there is no way I have to accept some insurance company telling me that some yahoo body shop is going to replace the hood and the quarter and then match the paint? There is no f-ing way that is going to work for me. I don't want a new "fixed" wrecked Corvette!"


    This is a sad day for any Corvette fan but we all knew it would come at some point. At least it wasn't actualy the corvette owners fault.
  2. Oh and one more thing.....the owner paid CASH for the car.
  3. Wow.. that sucks, I really feel sorry for the guy.. It really all depends on the insurance company, which is why I am glad my parents use state farm (always uses OEM parts, no knock off generic parts that some insurance companies only pay for).. it looks fixable, proobly no real hardcore damage, but I could be wrong... keep us up-to-date on the process chris
  4. OH GOD DAMMIT! THAT NEON WOULD BE DEAD! THAT MOTHER F*&$ER. Ohh that picture pisses me off.
  5. It sucks for the bloke, but "This is a sad day for any Corvette fan"? WTF?
  6. That sucks, I hope the neon driver gets pounded with insurance Bills
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    Here's what the guy's car looked like before the wreck.


    At this point the guy is pretty pissed and all the guys on Corvetteforum.com are trying to calm him down. He doesn't want to take it to a body shop, and from what he's saying I don't think he cares if they even total the car. He just wants a new car like he had. Sad story realy, I feel bad for the guy.

    Here's a few quotes by the owner:

    "I don't care about any #@%&&$#$# body shop!!!. Choice or not. I want my car in the condition it was before the accident. Factory paint. End of story.

    So if they total it or not .. I don't care. I will not accept it. I am not aware of any reason why I would have to accept a new "repaired" car.

    And.. I appreciate the comments from others very much.. I'm just piss#d. I paid CASH for it."


    "I love you guys but are you OUT of your mind. When is the last time you owned a $52K car with 190 miles on it that was raped at an intersection while you were just sitting there.

    There is no way I'm going to let some [email protected]@wipe body shop fix my car "good as new" bull shirt.

    Wheew.. trying to be calm.. I do appreciate the comment but maybe somebody has a different experience for me than "the body shop will fix it good as new"?"


    "I'm going to take 36 Valium and go to bed.

    I'll take a look at these comments tomorrow. Oh yeah.. anyone here want to buy a new C6 with 190 miles on it.. prviously wrecked but now "fixed good as new" by the body shop of my choice and wants to pay MSRP?? WTF?"


    "There will be no attempt whatsoever to screw any insurance company... I don't operate like that. That being said:

    Both my girlfriend and I have had previous neck injuries. We are both sore today and will be going to the hospital. We will document.

    I believe I will be ordering another car. I don't think I can live with a fixed one.

    The Neon was a rent car. The driver was insured by Progressive. So I am looking at the rent cars insurance and or Progressive.

    In my mind I will not release the insurance company until to following values (may not be all) are realized:

    1) Cost of the repair (at the shop of my choice)
    2) Devaluation of the vehicle due to the repair
    3) The loss of being without the vehicle during the repair
    4) Our medical condition after the accident

    If I can collect something just for numbers 2, 3 and 4 I will sell the car. and yes.. 10 to 15% under MSRP seems (but I have not studied) reasonable. "
  8. I dont blame him, 190 miles on a new vette that he was waiter for, for months, and then smashed, i would want a new one too. But at least the neon driver had insurance, or else the dude with the vette' would be screwed
  9. I take it back, the C6 is stunning in every way, including the front end.
  10. That car aint even close to being totalled. Shutup.
  11. It's unfortunate and I can understand his frustration, but he's being a baby about it. The damage appears to be purely aesthetic. The body is all fiberglass, so the panels aren't exactly very tight to begin with, and the paint is near new. I don't think anybody would notice if the damaged parts were repaired and the panels replaced and color matched (if that's even requied) by a good shop. I'm sure you can buy factory painted panels, I know you can with my car. It will effect the value of the vehicle, but the insurance company should compensate him for that. He's acting like the car will never be the same again, which likely isn't true.
  12. Yeah but it only had 190 miles on it.
  13. How the hell did the neon hitting the truck lift up the rear wheels of the truck? jeez
  14. The neon was going 50mph.
  15. What a crybaby.
  16. he deserve a tire iron to the face
  17. He might not even get the insurance to pay... in many states, its a law that you need to be at least 10 feet (or around 10 feet) from the car in front of you when stoped.. if he was following this law, he would have been fine
  18. I want to lynch that neon driver
  19. He's taking it quite well...I would have killed the guys. I'm serious, I would have killed him.
  20. From what I can gather the neon smacked the truck who flew over onto the corvette.

    The corvette might of been the first one in the left lane.
  21. I read that but a neon man.........a neon
  22. yeah, not to many companies make knock off parts, but I am sure there are some... but maybe if I get in an accedent, I could squize in a Tech Art front bumper <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  23. when i worked at a Chevy dealer, a escort jumped the curb going 50mph, hitting a expedition on the right front. the impact knocked the suburban 20 ft to the side damaging several other cars. The expedition had to be totaled.

    the girl was drunk

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