Oh cool, an Elise GT1

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  1. Hahahaha!! I agree. So much for having a decent rep. Now that he's jacking car designs, I look at Hennessey a different way. I really hope they re-think their ways and re-design something more, um..ORIGINAL!
  2. Lotus isn't British.
  3. He'd probably take less flack if he just dropped his engine in and did some body, suspension and chassis tweaks to an Elise GT....or Elan
  5. How do you figure? Lotus may be owned by a Malaysian company but it is based in Hethel.
  6. lotus is owned by proton, but everything is done in Britain. manufacture, design, marketing/promotion... all done in UK based offices.

    Its British because its run by British people and is part of British automotive heritage...

    this car will #$%# up though... too much power in a short-wheelbase, light car. it will just spin like a #%[email protected]

    shame though because i like elise/exiges'

  7. though it does look like an elise i think it looks way better and might be one of my personal favorites out of whats out there
  8. This car IS an Elise... no doubt about it. Its like what Hennessey did with the Viper Venoms; they use existing cars and tune them up... theyre like companies like Brabus, RUF and Carlsson, just a lot more extreme with thir tuning.
  9. The Viper V10 is the wrong engine for a mid engined lightweight supercar! It's only good as a solid tuning platform for drag cars (like the Henessey Vipers). In stock form, it's output is pathetic: only 500 hp from 8.4 Liters!

    It probably weighs one fourth as much as the car! I'd rather see a twin turbo V8 with a displacement closer to 4-5 Liters...
  10. It looks just like an Elise, come on Hennessey, get your own design!
  12. Hennessey screwed up with this car.
  13. Did no one read that its a V-8 and not the viper V-10?
  14. As Jeremy Clarkson will probably say:
    "They have taken the engine from a sledgehammer, and put it in a toaster."
    Lol, ripped off or not, i'd like to see some drag times for sure.
    and who would be stupid enough to buy one.
    it's one of those "what if" moments...
  15. Won't see production... silly rip-off design.
    Colin chapman is probably turning in his grave.
  16. People on this forum arent known to be very bright. Some guy said it would be to short for all that power because its an Elise, but from the pictures you can clearly see its lengthened in the back. And those who say it doesnt look good just dont have a clue at all... and then theres the bunch that diss Hennesey from stealing lotus design, when the car is BASED on an Elise, just like the Brabus Rocket is based on an MB CLS, the Shelby Cobra was based on the AC car and the Ford GT40 was based on a Lola car.

    When a new car is based on another design, the original designer is paid handsomely! Its not stealing og ripping off... its evolution.
  17. Let me guess? You all think RUF's are rip-offs too?
  18. Now that's funny, THANKS
  19. RUF are an aftermarket company like tech-art or 9ff... Hennessy is trying to sell a lengthened lotus Elise with a heavy V8 as their own (with a slight reference to it being 'based' on an Elise) for $600,000.

    The Elise costs £22,000... with better handling and looks. Hennessy is putting the weight up by 500kg making the car a slightly better looking Dodge viper.
  20. it may be a rrip off but its seriously quick, no doubt about that..the veyron is sorta a bloated fat version of the nsx
  21. Hennessey rides again AND HOPEFULLY INTO A #$%#ING TREE

    The dude wrecks everything he touches the smuck
  22. useless little (BLEEP)

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