1. im gonna be like some of you muscle guys now.. ITS A FFFUUUCCCCKIING RICCEERRR!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE OF THE WING!!!!
  2. Yeah, the car looks pretty nasty, and not good nasty...
  3. Didn't like corvettes alot but this one is nice in my opinion. Although the top speed is kinda weak.
  4. I was wondering how this would look after the beautiful c6. My worst fears are confirmed.
  5. First off you have obviously said something paradoxical to your icon picture of the Lambo with a large wing on it. Second this is a great looking car. The way the allowed the carbon fiber to show and use it as a "black" stripe looks gorgious
  6. sh!t if this car is nasty then your avatar is a big pile of green and brown dog sh!t compared to the styling of this car.
  7. Aparently, you people have never heard of what SEMA is: Specialty Equipment Market Association. It's ABOUT AFTERMARKET. Everything here is pretty much riced up. Isn't that the deffinition?
  8. It should actualy be 186mph, but anyways how is that weak? When is the last time you went 180mph +?
  9. ... im jus trying to imitate you muscle car guys i meant... callin almost every car wit a wing a r1c3r
  10. The wing on this vette actually helps out, while the spoilers on some civics and neons just add weight (well maybe they help keep their trunks closed going 40).
  11. Ricer.. To me ricer means:
    Excessive ugly styling, styling for no good other than lookin flashy (ugly)

    I wouldn't call this Corvette a ricer because:
    1. It ain't got any excessive styling, the ugly part is up to you and me, to me it's alright, really like the color scheme (the black rear is my favorite, it's awesome).
    2. The wing is good, the car is freakin' fast!

    So what's your point really? We "muscle car guys", we call all jap car with a wing "ricer"? Me personally would never do such a thing, I like alot of jap cars, RX7 and S2000 to name a few..
  12. yeah, but than why would most muscle car people call that gallardo tuned by what ever a r1c3r... im not talking about muscle car people making fun of the japs im talking about every car on the road.
  13. whats wrong with carreras? they are absolutely beautiful cars
  14. im not talking about you guys callin the jap cars ricers, i mean why the hell would you call a lamborghini a ricer because of a wing...
  15. or any exotics at all.
  16. loving it.
  17. looks like crap
  18. Functional or not, spoilers have never looked great on the Corvette. It would look far better without it, it simply ruins the lines of an otherwise gorgeous vehicle. And as someone said before the exposed carbon fiber on the hood..genius.
  19. Totally agree with the above statement. Peace
  20. The top-speed is right it is slightly slower than stock because of the extra downforce from the body kit and spoiler. Also the gear ratios are slightly shorter to give a slightly better 0-60 and 1/4mile time. which is more important than top-speed anyways.

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