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  1. another one of these LSx powered roadsters. prolly just a fancy bodied vette, like so many before it. could be more bored.
  2. Hemena hemena hemena... Mr. 2998, This looks way better than a vette!
  3. I share your feelings 2998ccCSL. The LS motors are good, but I'm sick of car companies stuffing them into fancy bodies and calling it unique. It seems awfully half-baked, and it's terribly frustrating to enthusiasts. There are quite a few companies that need to quit skimping out on mechanical engineering and give us something to be "wowed" by for reasons other than aesthetics.

    I do agree this does look better than the Vette, though.
  4. at least zagato's style is somewhat fresh
  5. Oh, it looks great. I'm just not as excited about looks as I am about specs, so when these cars like this, marcos, anteres, etc. come up I always get excited and think "wow! tell me about what's powering that!" and when I find out it's an LSx I just wanna.. I dunno, smack whoever dreamed it up. At least ultimas and factory 5 think to put the motor in the middle, that's slightly more interesting.
  6. It seems as though all the small manufacturers are going to Audi, GM, and Mercedes for power.
  7. i think the front is a little too "busy". I got dizzy looking at it!
  8. I think it looks great! But I do agree that everyone stuffing LS motors in these cars is getting a bit...overdone
  9. Nothing wrong with that
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