Ok, where's the : "Z06 beats this piece of crap" thread????

Discussion in '1999 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR' started by Corax, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. I want to see one. C'mon you 12 year old rednecks, make one!
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    Make one so we can flame you
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    Well im 19, i come from a very nice european family and i live in california...so i dont think any of those things qualify me to be a 12 year old hick, however i love the z06 or viper comparisons to these modded german cars because it only proves 1 thing, you dont need to go out and spend 300 grand to have a fast car.......
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    Nor do you need to spend $50K-$70K for a Z06 or a Viper. A $35K '03 Cobra with a Lightning blower pulley would easily hand a Z06 it's ass. Z06s are a running-scared-last-ditch effort from Chevy to compete with other cars. As for Vipers...the GTS models are cool...but the RT/10s look like #$%#ing clown shoes.
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    on a straight track a ZO6 & this car would run side by side. Speed wise it would be a good comparison. But on a Saturday night riddin around, top down or at the Lake on Sunday this car is way ahead of the Vette. WAY ahead.
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    these two cars... different leagues
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    All i have to say is this:

    1) Corvette Z06 : 60,000
    2) Insurance for the z06 : 300 a month
    3) The look on the face of the driver who just spent 200 grand more for his car as he is reading your REAR plate ("yoMOMA") PRICELESS!
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    gt40 whats your point? you can mod a yugo to beat a ferrari, the cofounder of my racing team, TEAM CCCP has a 1990 honda CRX it runs mid 9's in the quarter mile. we're talking about stock cars here
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    you just had to give them an excuse didnt you.
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    Nah I was just a bit pissed after I saw a morown sayin: "The Z06 beats this!" And that was in the Maybach forum....

    But I'm calm now....hehe
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    Actually I think the new cobra costs a more then 35k and i also think the z06 costs a lot less then 60k because if i remember correctly and i quote "chevy wants to make the z06 around the same price as a convertible." And calling the z06 a last ditch effort on chevys part is @#%@#$%$ing stupid but i would still take this thing over a z06 if both were offered for me for free.

    Any offers???
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    ZO6 cost $53k down in New Orleans & a ZO6 would run right on side of this car. It wouldn't beat it. Add all the mods u want to the Z06 if thats what it takes to make u feel better about not being able to afford a $250k car but, I doubt anyone that ever buys one of these cars will be trying to race anything. They don't have to prove thier car is great. They already know it. Put both cars side by side on the street & no one will ever even notice the Z06 is there. And I do love Vettes I would prefer the covertable or the coupe to the Z06 cause of the ugly back window. I love all American cars but they shouldn't be compared to certain cars no matter how fast they are.
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    can anyone in here PLEASE explain 1 thing to me, WHY do you hate the viper/z06 to super cars comparisons? Why does this car outclass the z06? is it because chevy makes metros and cavaliries while benz makes AMG and S500 s600? Thats not fair, lets compair the INDIVIDUAL vehicles, not the damn labels. All of the people here who think its unfair to compair a chevy to benz is exactly whats wrong with our society today, why is nike sold more than a small shoe company, is it because the shoes are better? No its because people buy product for its label which is #$%#in retarded, z06 and viper are the BEST SPORTS CARS UNTER 100g and they will hang with any ferrari, any porsche and any motha#$%#in benz thats fo sho! so please explain to me why the z06 and viper comparisons are so hated on this site?
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    Corax, do you really think that some day you will be able to purchase the SLR? I don't think so. The Z06 is about five times cheaper and it has almost the same performance. Price/quality works for the Z06.
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    "Fo sho?" Retarded white boy....
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    What? A thread which goes AGAINST the Z06? Is that allowed?! LoL. Well, it's about time.
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    Srl will beat the shit out of a any corvet on a normal city road. It might not be as fast as the modify ones but it will definitle beat it in turning sharp corners and stuff. Plus this is not the final version. And it is said that this car is coming out at 100 grand so its not this 300Grand car. Mclaren is coming out with a carbon fiber SLR that will be mush more expensiv but with much better stats in the performance defision. And remeber mercedes invented the car. People who drive a mercedes have much more class than any person driving an american car.
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    How da #$%# ar threads posted? It's not that I want to post one right know against the SLR or anything, I just want to know.
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    huh ??
    what r u tlaking about..
    how did u just post ??
    well do it again !!
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    SLR vs ZO6?

    Ha ha good one!

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    it gets more original by the day !!

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