older lexus reliability?

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  1. so toyotas have a really high reliability right? well, what about a lexus from the mid-90s? do all the little bells & whistles start to fail out? like around 100,000 miles?
  2. Lexus builds the most reliable cars on the road, what more needs to be said.
  3. the old lexus are very reliable
  4. 95's were made good.
  5. I've heard of LS400's and GS400's having well over 250,000 miles without a single problem or failure of any sort. One of my Mom's clients had a GS400 with 290,000 miles (he drove like a maniac too) without any problems whatsoever. They're all very well built, but occasionally you'll run across one that is just ridiculously good. Unlike a lot of German cars (Audis especially) the climate control and such very rarely malfunction.
  6. see Volvo.
  7. its funny the bmw's and such hold their value better but the lexus's are better put together...
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  9. This is because of the image the BMW portrays, not that the Lexus doesn't portray a good image, it's just that people hold a certain view of the German luxury cars.
  10. 80's through early 90's aren't so great.

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