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  1. We bought two sugargliders yesterday. They are cute as hell but still shy.
  2. If you throw those, will they always land on their feet too?
  3. Looks like an opossum.
  4. You lucky #$%#er Ive always wanted sugar gliders. They are freakin awesome. Sucks though cause you cant potty train them.
  5. i got them cheap too
  6. haha dunno, prolly
  7. Doesn't look like there's enough meat on them to bother eating them. You might get enough to make one Sugarglider Salad Sandwich, or something.
  8. How much? I could find em for around 100 bucks a peice locally.
  9. damn, at the store they were 700. we got them for 500 with a cage from some #%[email protected]
  10. HOLY SHIT!!! Maybe they went up in price or something, but I dont remember ever seeing them that expensive.
  11. They're #$%#ing squirrels with wings.

    What happened to having dogs?
  12. they are marsupials with wings

    and blitz has dogs
  13. Jesus, they dont have wings. Hence the word "glider"

    Anyway, very nice had a few back in the day. Good for young single people because they sleep all day and stay up all night. Just leave the cage open and they will go back in to sleep.(most of the time)

    If you need any tips let me know.
  14. I know it's not wings but I just refered to them as such because of nikko.

    Oh, and how long do you think before they get used to us? If you have any special tips I'd love to hear them.
  15. If they are babys, not long at all. You must handle them as much as possible. If not, they will hate people and bite everyone that trys to pick them up. There teeth are razor sharp. They also breed like crazy starting at around 6 months. They will have 2-3 babys. Also, they chew on everything, so dont leave them in a screened enclosure or they will eat a hole thru the screen and be gone forever. Mine always loved crickets in a can for treats.
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  17. They are not babies and I don't know how old they are sadly. One of them bites, so I'm carrying him in a pouch everywhere at home.
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  19. that is damn cool. i want one.
  20. Those are damn cool man, what're their names? I'd love some but that would freak the shit out of me if they ever snapped into flip-out mode like cats do and flew at my face in the dark.
  21. they look ugly
  22. Sugargliders don't eat cat-nip.

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