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    Yes it is on SUPERCARS.net and for good reason, and you have a MINI in your avatar... so I wouldn't be making fun off too much around here if I were you.
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    He's got a point....and why DO you have a mini on your aviator?that's disturbing
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    this, and a lot of other cars on here, are nowhere near a supercar.
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    This car may not be a a supercar during its stock state. However if you invest approx. 1500-2000$ into it, you will find that it can accelerate to 60 in under 5 seconds(the awd version at least).
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    that is not a justification dude.
    Give me a few thousand and Ill make a GEO STORM do 60 in 5.
    This is a good "sports car". If sc.net only put "supercars" (depending on your definition) on their site, they would be far less elaborate and complete. most of the cars on this site are "sports cars" not "supercars"
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    Alright you frekin' geniuses, since none of you have any idea what your talking about, allow me to englighten you all. First off, anycar can be a supercar under the right modifications, The mini could be quite an amzing car if but to good use. As for the guy who started it himself, lemme tell you somthin mini man. A Talon as stock, may be barley able to clock 130 mph. Wich isn't very "supercar" like, but lets say you modify this little car. Give it a semi-racing muffler/exhaust system, stroke up the displacement, give it twin ballbearing stage 4 turbochargers, and of corse, a new chip (racer essential, kicks up the firing timing to beyond par), and you could pump out at least 500 bhp. Then for looks, toss a spark plug in your exhaust pipe. (flames for fun!)
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    Says right on the FAQ on this site:
    "Supercars.net is an online website that showcases sportscars from throughout the century. The Website is owned by Supercars.net Publishing Inc, which was started by Richard Owen and other founding members in 1996..."

    So let's all just calm down and stop whining about how this car or that car isn't a supercar.
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    There are almost no twin turbo DSMs. and those that do exist are not all that fast. The fastest DSMs are without exception single turbo cars. Stage 4 what? Whose stage 4? Whats stage 3? There is no uiniversally accepted "stage 4" turbo for a DSM. Just a bunch of great options, like an FP30, various 20Gs, 16Gs, 18Gs, Several levels of Frankenstein turbos, Big 28s, L1Rs, etc.....

    No one really "chips" these cars, though almost everyone runs a piggy back comp (usually the Apexi SAFC). The ecu automaticly advances timing untill it encounters knock. No need to mess with that.

    Stock, these cars will top 140.

    Stroking is not nessesary, and also not all that common. Though it is starting to become more feasable and common.
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    yeah, not all cars here have to be great performers. SC.net is just a really good car site
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    Agile2Kai- you need to stop playing so much gran turismo, and actually learn some automotive information. dont contribute unless you actually know what you're talking about.

    like stated about, there is no accepted stage 4, and no one ever says semi-racing exhaust or muffler.

    and in case you're actually wanting to know, to put a twin turbo setup on a dsm which is an inline 4, a lot of work would be necessary... for a true twin turbo setup, you were need to split the exhaust manifold so that 2 runners each go to a seperate turbo flange and also go into different directions vertically to have space for each of the compressor inlets, you'd need to have 2 wastegates and 2 downpipes or dump tubes. and the exhaust velocity from the relatively small displacement motor wouldnt be able to turn a very large turbo very efficiently or quickly with only 2 cylinders. not to mention a dual-inlet intercooler and loads of custom intercooler piping, oil lines, intake pipes/plenums, etc

    sorry buddy, but you just have no idea what you're talking about.
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    someone who knows something^^u know what your talking about unlike these 13year olds...
  15. fact is the car is posted on the site in it's stock form so its pointless to argue what it could be like if modified. I am a little biased since i own one of these cars, but like it or not the car performs decently well and is a kick to drive

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