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  1. WHOA. do want.
  2. 2. no self-made tunings like: johhnny's unknown Corvette.... 2000 hp
  3. You are right dahldrin
    sorry my mistake

    1991 Callaway SuperSpeedster LM
  4. I was actually at Barrett-Jackson when that Callaway and the others were sold.
  5. Callaway Super Speedster Twin Turbo - 750 HP
  6. VERY HOT.
  7. it always bugs me when they turbo high class motors like that.
  8. wow that looks shit, the front bumper is from a 355
  9. HOT damn!
  10. there are 2 i think.
  11. Ugly as sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even worse than the 962LM... lol
  12. Can those SuperSpeedsters and the Sledgehammer be considered tuning or are they considered a manufacturer's car, i.e., are they legally modified Chevrolets or actually Callaways?
  13. Callaway Sledgehammer - no need to introduce
  14. Lotus Elise GT1
  15. EB110 rip-off <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. Id punch you but I cant reach through this blasted computer screen
  17. TVR Speed 12 - 880 BHP (detuned from 960 bhp !!)
  18. Is it in Japan now? Owned by someone or kept at a museum?

    How many Nissan R390 GT1s were produced?
    And where are they?
  19. i dont remember if i post it before:

    Mamerow Ferrari F355
  20. Lamborghini Diablo Gemballa - 750 HP
  21. I believe that there was a 750 hp F355 in Australia, running on stock internals
  22. So what;s the difference between that and a Fornasari Le Mans? They look practically identical..
  23. i dont get You menoy36. the difference between Fornasari LeMans and 1991 Callaway SuperSpeedster LM or Tony's Schmitter Corvette Grand Sport replica ???

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