One-off / custom Pagani Zondas

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  1. No, I am a long time lurker...
  2. lol the r33 is such a visual dump of a car
  3. Does this ZOnda have 750 horsepower?
  4. r32 > r34 > daylight > nz > r33

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  5. dunno id rather have daylight than both the r32 and r34
  6. West Auckland. Skylines urrrvyehere. Free b00stin' like it ain't no thang w/ cut springs and primer in colour
  7. Don't even need to mention that they are flat peaking spastic niggers
  8. wearing bird or kobe beaters with mazdaspeed tats and a clean pair of globes
  9. With the shoe's tongue like 4inches out from the shoe+baby seats in the back+3 memphis 15s

  10. Diablo SE30 looks SUPERB!
  11. why bird or kobe
  12. and whats flat peaking
  13. Zonda F, standard (not double) wing, Monza wheels, whatever the latest/greatest motor is, custom headlights. Black or bordeaux interior, black wheels, red or black paint. No two-tone exposed carbon fiber, stripes, bullshit.
  14. A whole thread about purple supercars and nobody mentions the XJ220? Holy fail.
  15. Marooon =/= Purple

    This thread now has my 2 favorite supercars of all time included though.
  16. XJ220 looks the best in that color IMO.
  17. because birds white and more people have heard of the lakers than the cavs/now heat
  18. oh then i would have them fit a manual in there.
  19. yeah i like white basketball players
  20. i like it in purple
    a good color to represent my royal lifestyle
  21. I'm not talking about that color, I'm talking about an actualy purple XJ220. It might not be the best color, but it still looks damn good.
  22. I love the XJ220. 90's supercars FTW!
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    Pagani’s brand new C9 hypercar isn’t ready before Geneva 2011 starting in March, so it leaves the Italian car maker with a lot of time to develop a nice group of one-off Zonda’s. We have seen four so far. The Pagani Zonda Absolute is number five and it’s going to a customer in Hong Kong.

    The main design feature is a mix between bare carbon fiber and the Italian flag. A rather intrigueing combination for a customer from Hong Kong, especially when you look at the carbon fiber which is a combination between matte and gloss carbon fiber.

    The right-hand-drive Pagani Zonda has been influenced by the Cinque design and includes black rims and a dark interior.
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    Could be the hottest car in the world

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