ooooohhhhh yea

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac LMP-02' started by 2001DogdeViperGTS, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Any1 else agree. This is one of the best Cadillac's ( racing ) out there. What I would do to drive or even sit in 1. Who ever at Cadillac thought of this car is Einstein. CADILLAC"S ALLLL THE WAY.
    (Except 4 Vipers, he he.)
  2. Re: ooooohhhhh yea

    CAD and CFD thought of this car. I believe CAD stands for Computer Assisted Design (double check me on that) and CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. These two computer programs are now used to design most top flight race cars. They're even used, to some degree, in Winston Cup Racing. With these programs, design teams are able to develop and test the aerodynamic characteristics of the most minute aspect of a car without having to build models of it. It makes the building of a race car much less of a guess-and-check ordeal, and the cars turn out infinitely better because of it.

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