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    It looks like a jacked up minivan with a tail. Why do copmanies keep designing big trucks with uselessly small beds?
  2. i want one i hope they produce them
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    why not they look cool and the cab is awsome<!-- Signature -->
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    Are you F***ing drunk this thing sucks serious ass. It's a P.O.S on wheels.<!-- Signature -->
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    why is your subject"ouch"?<!-- Signature -->
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    The looks of this truck are okay but the power is just way to shitty... only 238HP and 270FT of tourque that just really sucks for a truck... they should way bigger engines in these vehicles if they want these to be good... but the interior is wicked i love it... navigational system, wood trim, white leather seats... thats just nice
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    heavy , ugly
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    238hp and 270lb ft are cool considering the small pickupindustry standard.
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    I think this is one of the nicest trucks ever.... It is more of a escalade EXT than a dodge Ram tho... luxo over ute, i think
  10. lol

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