Our house in the middle of the street

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    Quote from chinadaily.com.cn;

    Lone stand against wrecking ball
    Updated: 2012-11-22 15:20
    By Zheng Jinran (chinadaily.com.cn)

    An isolated five-floor building is standing in the middle of a new road that will soon be open in Wenling, Zhejiang province, the People's Daily reported.

    A family from Xiazhangyang village insists on living on the isolated building, because they are not satisfied with the relocation compensation offered by the government, the neighbors said, according to the captions of the photos taken on Wednesday.

    To guarantee their safety, neighboring rooms next to them are being kept from demolition, though the neighbors all moved out.

    The road, which leads to the Wenling Railway Station, hasn't been put into use yet.

    Read more at : http://europe.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2012-11/22/content_15951518.htm
  2. stick it to that slant eyed devil
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  4. We do the same in Quebec but with electric poles.
  5. and natives
  6. This is a little harsh comment for 7am
  7. what, canada shits all over the natives. its true
  8. if the natives were so good when why did they get owned on their own land.

  9. I guess it was better than being exterminated, like a lot of the central/south American/ Caribbean cultures.
  10. lol shit everything looks so dysfunctional in those photographs
  11. haha america drive thru wendy
    here in china we have drive into sell counterfeit DVD
  12. stupid person
  13. I was selling a computer the other day and his chinese man comes to buy it. He was bargaining with me for like half an hour. He even had a bag of Chinese electronics to barter with.
  14. "Sure, i'll be happy to take those in part exchange, but the price has to go up".
  15. oh so when someone does this in a normal society its "fighting the power man!" but when someone stands up to communist government its "stupid person"

  16. ging!
  17. if it was on a bike path, no harm no foul. but this cannot be tolerated.
  18. but the government offered him money for a new home, everyone else complied, probably because it was quite a good offer, yet this stubborn old fool didnt want to move.

    The reason he didnt want to move was probably that he already liked the place that he lived. Fair enough, but now that place has changed beyond all recognition, so he doesn't win either.

    Old man is quite selfish maybe, because he has cost the government a load of money, and his life is probably much worse than it used to be.

    What price progress?
  19. ah yes, the unscrupulous chinese government.
  20. whatever man at least he's doing something

    right alphonse?
  21. basically yeah
  22. They won!

    Quote from chinadaily.com.cn;

    Last house standing goes down in E China
    Updated: 2012-12-01 17:24
    ( Xinhua/chinadaily.com.cn)

    HANGZHOU -- A five-story home, which had stood alone in the middle of a road for more than a year after the owner refused to move out and make way for a redevelopment project, was demolished on Saturday morning in Wenling, in east China's Zhejiang Province.

    The bizarre scene, which had achieved notoriety after pictures were posted online, finally disappeared as its owner, Luo Baogen, signed a demolition agreement with the local government on Friday and accepted the compensation.

    Luo, 67, and his wife moved away from the lone house before dawn to the relocation site, assisted by relatives.

    According to the demolition agreement, the government will offer 260,000 yuan ($41,782) and an area of ground for a new house.

    Luo had initially refused the government's standard offer of compensation as he said the sum was less than half the worth of his property.

    Homes left solitary like this in the wake of development projects are known in China by the term "nail house," because such buildings stick out and are difficult to remove, like a stubborn nail.

    Chinese netizens had dubbed Luo's home the toughest of all nail houses because of the length of time it had avoided the common fate of so many others -- being violently bulldozed.

    In 2008, the Wenling government made plans to relocate about 459 households in Xiayangzhang to make way for a main road in front of the city's new railway station. All but Luo accepted the compensation deal and moved out before construction started last year.

    In fact, Luo's home retained power and water access, unlike most other nail houses, whose owners are generally forced out by the supply of daily necessities being shut off.

    "It was never a final solution for us to live in a lone house in the middle of the road. After the government's explanations, I finally decided to move," said Luo.

  23. Your threads are almost worse than mine
  24. I think the dude won. 41k is probably a ton of money for peasant china person maybe, plus a new plot of land. even if it is in east jabib.

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