Overnight body parts from Montreal

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  1. is it because he likes men?
    (flamesuit on)
    and the servers ruined. i cant even download it. mirror anybody?
  2. written cliffs? (for those of us curious enough to read about it, but not nearly mental enough to watch it)
  3. nude dude strapped to bed.
    dude jumps on him and grinds him for a bit
    cuts to the dudes now dead, head severed (doesnt show any of it)
    preceeds to stab the body with an icepick heaps
    shows head
    starts cutting up limbs and stuff
    cuts arm off with blunt knife.
    rubs his own crotch with hand on arm for a bit
    next shot is one leg cut off, made a start on the other
    the then flips the body over and starts humping the legless and armless torso (he still has pants on, but could be #$%#ing int)
    hacks at his ass for ages with his blunt knife, finally gets a chunk outta it with a fork, takes it off screen
    lets the dog in on the action and it starts knawing away at his leg stump
    grabs a bottle of sorts, starts ass#$%#ing it with it
    then he finish it off with a sneaky handjob with the arm
  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luka-Magnotta/91549100801
    lots of photos of im, prolly fake but
  5. Victim is a Chinese national by the name Lin Jun, missing as of May 24, whom the Chinese Consulate asked for assistance in finding May 30. He was a student at Concordia.
  6. That is pretty #$%#ed up.
  7. Some sick #$%#s around lately
  8. Concordia? now that explains a lot.
  9. lol so what. thats the difference between us and `midnight express`

    would you want to go to prison for the rest of your life if for some reason you had a lapse into insanity and killed someone?

    anyways ahem..this also doesn't look like the case.. guy was clearly posting shit on ryanator117 style horror cro bro forums. there was some aminal rights group trying to get him arrested/etc over some cat killing vids he posted.
  10. anyways the real question is.. is he LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE??
  11. yah man he vacuum packed them until they suffocated
  12. sounds like something supraman would do

    or that i do with dogs, regularly
  13. who's that second account again
  14. I like the Concordia kids man
    there good
  15. you cant just throw everyone in gaol and expect the problem to resolve itself.
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  19. Dont get eaten bro

    I wonder if this is actually more common than we think and just news sites are reportin it more now cos the ryataors of this world are fascinated with sicko shit
  20. To stay in trend with the weird stories. Some weirdo sniped a cow a couple of days ago like 200m from my parents house. Shit's weird.
  21. meh, cows are brutally slaughtered every single day. might as well put the meathouse employees in jail.
  23. So now there's talk of a zombie virus going around? 2012?
  24. ZOMBIE 2012

    Spread the word! They must be stopped. With their army of children.

    *Drives downtown on his fixie*
    *Put posters on walls*
    *No idea what this actually about*
  25. If by zombie virus you mean meth then yeah

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