Overnight body parts from Montreal

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  1. all cynicism aside,
    sure, after a good 25 years
  2. 25 years :

    how much time he'll spend in jail before and during his trial = x. Let's say 6 months. sentences are divided by 2 (at 50% you are eligible for conditional exit which everyone gets)

    This will means : (25/2) - 2(0.5) = 11.5 years he can be out.

  3. that's still over a decade in jail
  4. That's not enough for killing some one and #$%#ing him while hes dead.
  5. I know, that's not the right order. You're supposed to #$%# them, THEN kill them.
  6. !!!
  7. What?
  8. What?!?!?!?!
  10. What what (in the butt)?
  11. all he needs is someone to talk to
    im shocked and the opinions in here
  12. Ahh a good bit of CBT (crystalballer trolling) to complete the thread
  13. Yeah right

  14. every dirtbag deserves a bullet in the head and no second chance
  15. You don't know me personnally, so shut your mouth. I am certainly not like you. If I have to stab someone for defending my ownself, I will do it without any remorse.
  16. You are wrong as usual. But for me it is not astonnishing at all
  17. Compulsory basic trolling
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    You are the one who is #%$ because according to that thread http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=true&bottom=0&gID=4&fID=0&tID=187747 you were the one trolling in real life. So don't get me started. You were the one beaten by some dumb #$%#s, ain't that the truth? So grow up and when you will show more crualty and ruthlessness against your adversaries when being threatened to death, you will perhaps talk to me.
  19. Would you protect me Hemi?
  20. Absolutely not, but you on the other hand are a slimy idiot and a #$%#ing moron
  21. Wat do you mean with slimy?
  22. If someone in the streets was in danger and being attacked unfairly, sure I would come to the rescue. But you have to bare in mind that there some place where you should never ever hang around.
  23. That you conceived his message as a good thing

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