Pagani can't design engines from its OWN!!

Discussion in '2005 Pagani Zonda C12 F' started by Coop A Doop, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. God I love BMW
  2. so what, besides mercs have allways made cars that are too heavy for its engines that they cant show their true preformance. its about time someone made a car good enough for a merc engine!
  3. exactly, anyway theres nothing wrong with a mercedes engine
  4. If you had any idea how expensive it was to design an engine from scratch, you'd know why Pagani outsources that part of the car.
  5. CLK-GTR.

    Plus about a million others.

    Shut up.
  6. I believe you all have forgotten that Juan Manuel Fangio demanded that Horacio would put a M-B engine in his car?
  7. isnt he dead?
  8. Yes it did... It's a BMW made engine, but it was made SPECIFICALLY for the F1 and nothing else.
  9. Yea, but he was still alive when the designs and stuff were....uh being designed

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