Pagani Huayra

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Tipo F130A, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. If a car doesn't look like a transformer, it looks outdated.
  2. Shit like this makes me want to come and work for you.
  3. somehow I doubt you'll like the weather. also having to put up with the retarded customers (about 75% of them).
  4. yes, u're right

    but i don't like those cutting edges either, like the ones on reventon or sesto elemento...too many intersecting lines, busy looking!

    maybe a combination of these two languages would yield a more convenient design
  5. Dodge Neon to you.
  6. any jobs on the office available?
  7. its a carryover from the original Zonda. It will probably be incorporated into every Pagani model from now on..
  8. lol
  10. unfortunately no. the big boss is more than sufficient at yelling at people.
  11. Is it the guy in Malibu? Wait I think he owns a C12S and the Monza.
  12. doesn't have any houses in Florida. this particular collector isn't really public about what he has.
  13. Malibu is in CA.
  14. doesn't have a house in California either.
  15. i was driving through the city and paid attention. only found 1 car that doesn't have the flattened part.

    the citroen c3 lol
  16. call it WHY-RAH
  17. Whoever dislikes this car can stfu.

    It looks like a #$%#ing shark about to rape the competition.
    Horacio, my #$%#ing nigga.
  18. I can't really comprehend the presence of references to Horacio Pagani and "nigga" in the same sentence...
  19. i may need to buy that

    the last top gear i bought had the c12 on the cover - threw it out last week
  20. Ducks Garden Squash Asparagus >>>>>> That
  21. negative

  22. Then I guess there are 2 people with 2 Zondas each in America.
  23. I didn't even buy the issue with the Zonda R drive because it's so shit otherwise.
  24. LOVEU
  25. North America.

    the one car doesn't leave Canada. the other is switched from Arizona to what ever house up here he wants it at.

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