Pagani Huayra

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  1. I always hoped the front end wouldn't look like that. But it did. Oh crap...

    Love the rear end, though. Although they should just stick the taillights straight from the bodypanels, no need for that shaded area on the flanks.

    The HSR II was the first thing that came to mind when I forst saw the active aerodynamics on the Huayra (pronounced Hoo-I-ee-ruh, btw).
  2. burner #2
  3. It's growing on me, but not as much as the new Ferrari Jack Nicholson.

    The overall shape looks really good in my opinion.
  4. Thats what i was thinking of when i saw the front of the new Pagani!

    Sadly when i look at that pic, im not a huge fan of its design.. hopefully the final car will look better!!!

    Also, the name sounds a bit weird!
  5. YEAH #$%# YOU USA#23
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  10. Nice evolution of the Zonda theme. I'm quite fond of it
  11. Hoooooly #$%#ing shit that is awesome
  12. Zonda R > this ugly thing.

  13. when i first saw it i hated it. it's growing on me with each picture, though. the whole front is still iffy. just can't compare to the zonda.

    i'm sure it is probably god's gift to drivers, though. and can't wait to see more of the active aero.
  14. These new pics are getting me horny.
  15. I definitely like it about 100x more after seeing those pics!

    Anyone have high-res?
  16. The original Zonda isn't really an amazing design to begin with
  17. haha this car totally grew on me. i think its awesome.
  18. The profile looks like the perfect shape, it just needs some better looking wheels.
  19. profile looks like a VX220

    same lights even
  20. The new pics definetly show it in a better light, but the intakes over the rear wheel arches are awkwardly integrated imo, and I the front is atrocious regardless of angle. Still, not the complete aesthetic abortion I thought it was on first glance, and knowing all the time Pagani has put into developing this, I'm sure it's an incredible drive.
  21. Car looks great and I think the design will continue to grow on me.
  22. You know how the Reventón was supposed to be styled to be like a fighter jet? The Huayra has pulled it off
  23. Born from jets?
  24. Yeah, there we go, these are the kind of pics needed to judge it properly, and it's awesome. I don't like the big gaping front, but I don't get people complaining about the proportions, they're basically the same as the Zonda's.

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