Pagani Zonda R.... the sound of God.... lol

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by THEBEAST101, Oct 6, 2009.

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  3. First video I had seen before, but could still watch all day. Second is new to me, and wow, I just have to laugh out loud at how ridiculous and awesome it sounds.
  4. repost
  5. I don't think that sounds good at all, especially the Goodwood clip.
  6. ok, who's the genius that hacked this account? obviously trying too hard.
  7. Opposite day is Wednesday
  8. Should be the next batmobile.
  9. Did you see what he did to his Batmobile?.... And LP-640?

    My heart couldn't take it
  10. That scene definitely got a bigger reaction from me than when the girl died.
  11. Glad I wasn't the only one.

    Who the **** drives around in an LP 640 when your city is in turmoil anyways? That's like playing football in a $300,000 watch.
  12. Sounds more crazy than F50 GT and FXX.
  13. I bet you'd much prefer the sound of religious fanatics brainwashing children
  14. Killing is a SIN!!!! Unless it has to do with Religion!!!!!!!
  15. That car is evil.
  16. lol
  17. +5
  18. Jeezus Camp Y'all!!!!11!
  19. Jeezus Camp Y'all!
  20. who is this guy?
  21. ugh too awesome
  22. actually lol this is pretty good

    +1 for the n00b

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