panamera interior

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  1. ehh but they are designed to be functional , so design wise they hit the mark.
  2. But I can compare it to a Honda NSX that had a much nicer interior.
  3. Actually it's from 93.
  4. Here's a 1990 NSX
  5. arghhhhhhhh
  6. exactly
  7. No, because the dash I posted it's from a 1993 and not 1987.
  8. pretty good.
  9. oh come on, its not that bad
  10. I was talking about the Panamera. It looks like a futuristic prototype from 1987.
  12. So does every interior in the segment, your point has no validity at all
  14. Srsly, Porsche interiors really are pretty bland. The 996 interior famously so.
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  16. Did you witnessed me saying the Ferrari dashes were better, worse or whatever at that time. People asked for a porsche with a bar interior, and I showed them. When the 911 became a car that could be used daily the NSX was already in the market for almost a decade. And the NSX wasn't most likely the first to be a every day sports car.
  17. very nice, love the materials
  18. Ewww its an auto.
  19. That's on par with the Z06.
  20. no good. The center console looks like a cheep American attempt to look cool
  21. It's not too bad.

    Compared to the exterior, the interior is heaven.
  22. Old fashoned? Yes.
    Bad? No.

    I'm really not liking the panamera interior, though.
  23. Nothing special.
  24. Bad? Yes when compared to the NSX.
  25. The NSX really did have a very nice interior. Good design, excellent materials (just about everything covered in leather as standard). It withstands the test of time quite well.

    The 997 is finally up to scratch, but only if you opt for the $$ leather packages. Design-wise, this Panamera looks like a step back, and excessively cluttered.

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