PandaSis vs. W00tSis

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, May 4, 2007.

  1. w00tsis!
  2. PandaSis ftw
  3. oh man, dead even
  6. wheres 3some option?
  7. then there would only need to be one option.
  8. i dont like blondes
  9. error, nudes not found
  10. .
  11. better photo of wootsis
  12. pandasis would go hard in the sack and would be well worthy of a pounding, but wootsis is marriage material. Hard decision, but pandasis, just because shes so dirty and down with it.
  13. I'd take WCWsis over both of them.
  14. pixels?
  15. Nope. They'll be valuable once everybody realizes that WCWsis is where it's at.
  16. But we can't realise that without the pixels?
  17. I prefer brunettes

    anyway it's time for new pandasis pics
  18. w00tsis doesn't look like an annoying south american girl
  19. i'm laughing right now.
  20. w00tsis, because she's less likely to have STDs.
  21. w00tSis. I don't like Spaniards and definitely don't like Spanish teenagers
  22. No kiddin, she's hot shit.

    ReichSis is nice too.
  23. wootsis all the way
  24. she's DUTCH... where it's legal to have sex aged 12

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