Parnelli Jones Mustang test

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    We had the car for a week and it was truly amazing. Handled much more like an M3 or Vantage than any other Mustang we've tested, S281, 427R and GT500 included. Pretty quick and easy to drive smoothly too. Might not be everybody's cup of tea, but for people who love Mustangs and prefer the old ones, this retro racer seems to fit the bill. Motor Trand actually pitted this against the original PJ Boss 302 that won the Trans Am series in 1970, and despite being heavier and having less horsepower, this was quicker around the track. It just has way better balance. It's so responsive and fun to drive, that it had us comparing it to everything from a ZR-1 Vette to a 360 Modena. Great car, but quite expensive. Still worth the price because they are only making 500. Huge wallpaper gallery with the article.
  2. Best looking S197 so far.
  3. 1087 diggs, nice
    Good to see it out on an airfield.
  4. Definalty best new mustang.
  5. hopefully fords version will be just as badass if not more.
  6. awesome car and gallery
  7. stewdee is on lucky SOB.
  8. Panda, I just wish I could get it out and thrash on it more! In Seattle it's freakin cold, wet, windy, and did I mention a little snow and hail on top of it all! This weather really sucks!
  9. oversteer!

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