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  2. Now, where do we start?

    My Monaco is number 011 and was produced by PBB Design as they were going bankrupt and I count myself very lucky to have got the car back from Paul Bailey at the time.

    It is a Left Hand Drive V12 6.0L convertible with modified ECU, Intake (modified inlet manifolds, enlarged throttle bodies and performance filters) and exhaust (Each side has two times three into two at the manifold, CATS removed, then half way under the car, into one big bore with lambda sensors protected by titanium plate at this point and single silencer.)

    My Monaco also has a custom rear light cluster, designed by Paul Bailey.

    Rear tyres are 335s with 245 fronts and the car is electronically limited to 275KPH

    It still has 47000Km from new.
  3. Here is a shot of Monaco 001 when it was new.
  4. Here are a couple of photos of Monaco 001

    It was resprayed BRG some time between 1991 and 1994 then a slightly different shade of Green until recently and is now Graphite Grey and awaiting reassembly.

    I have just spoken to its current owner on the telephone and hope that he will join us in this thread to give us more information. :)

    Monaco 001 has a Gold growler badge on the bonnet with 2 diamonds for it's eyes.

    The car may be for sale by the way.
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  6. Oh, and here is another RHD red one. It's being used by a weddingcar company in Bristol. According to them it's one of twelve. So I'm not sure if this is one of the original Bailey cars or one of the 'kit cars'.
  7. If they say it is one of 12 then they must be assuming that it is one of the original bailey cars although an original will either have a silver round growler badge on the bonnet OR a silver badge in the interior.

    I am not convinced that Monaco 010 has EVER existed btw as Paul Bailey told me in 2000 that the 010 badge was kept by the Silversmith in case he ever went ahead with his personal plans to build his own Kit Monaco.

  8. Hmm, is that silver badge in the interior like a chassis plaque?
  9. This is #08.

    Interesting bit on info on this one is: "The engine was rebuild just for extra performance reasons by Car Crazy in Warwickshire."
  10. And here is the red LHD one I mentioned earlier.
  11. It is a little like a chassis plaque, silver with a 3d Silver growler head fixed to it and the build number engraved.
  12. Being a USA car, I would assume that it is one of the V12Sales Monacos

    001 Red RHD Coupe
    008 Blue RHD V12 5.5?(5.3 surely) Coupe 1989 base, 98,000 Miles
    010 pretty sure that this one never really existed.
    011 Green LHD 6.0L Convertible 1995 base 47,000 Kms

    2 of the missing cars above went to Brunei and because these 2 convertibles are pictured in publicity photos with 008, my assumption is that they would be 006 and 007 with the one in the background of the photo being the 3.6L convertible whilst the 6.09L V12 convertible is pictured with optional hardtop fitted to the convertible.

    One missing from the above list (with a 3.6 engine) went to ireland.

    I have a strong feeling that a RHD blue 7L racing Monaco Coupe was also one of the missing but hope that we will be able to fill the gaps in future.

    The more I think about it, the less likely it is that the red LHD is a PBB Design Works Monaco.
  13. Fantastic car, best color you have
  14. your friend?
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  16. So give us more info about these cars
  17. In 1989 Paul Baron Bailey was running his small automotive design/custom company "PBB Design" just outside Bristol.

    Producing one-offs for rich clients, such as the Sultan of Brunei and his family and cutting his production teeth with his 'St. Tropez Spider' Lotus Esprit Convertible conversion, as shown it the pictures attached.

    He was also working on a production Jaguar XJS conversion as well as a Nissan 300ZX conversion during this time with the the Jaguar conversion hitting the market in 1991, I believe as the "PBB Design Special" and later, re-named the "PBB Design Monaco."

    PBB Design would take a customers Jaguar XJS and for around Twenty Thousand Pounds, depending on required upgrades, would produce their numbered Monaco for them. Most performance upgrades were carried out by AJ6 engineering who are very well respected in the Jaguar field and I believe that one of the original 'works' Monacos was used for drag racing and fitted with a 7L engine and downdraught carbs with it's 12 ram intakes protruding through the bonnet.

    By 1999 though PBB had only produced 9 (Some say 10 but I have no proof of the existence of number 010 yet) works Monacos for customers and had been keeping the company afloat with other projects, such as creating more specials for the Sultan of Brunei and his family (Custom coaches, 6 wheeled Range-Rovers with hydraulic raised shooting stool etc.) and the Nissan 300ZX conversion panels.

    Paul Bailey took on My commission and possibly one other at this point but struggled due to initially breaking a few ribs, then suffering a heart attack due to the stress, before finally going bankrupt in 2001.

    Considering the fact that Paul Bailey penned the Monaco design between 1989 and 1991 it is incredible how on-the-ball he was with the direction which Jaguar and Aston Martin design would go. People often comment, upon seeing my car, that it is obvious that someone has tried to make the XJS look more like a DB7 or XK8 where in truth, if anything, it seems that Ian Callum (Designer of both the XK8 and DB7) took cues from the PBB Design of the Monaco when he was designing the XK8 and DB7.
  18. Well - I don't know if there is actually a connection between the s/n and the number out of 12(11), but anyways here are two of them from Brunei:

  19. The blue one with Aston style wheels is a kit, but how about that green one you posted?
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  21. thats a rather ugly looking car im afraid.
  22. The Green one is my one 011. :)
  23. You had the lights changed then?
  24. ? ... Which Green one are you talking about?

    The only thing I have changed on my Monaco since it was built is the colour of the front grill surround. :)
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    Well, if you compare these 2 pictures yours has an orange blinker on the side and an orange blinker at the front. The other one doesn't have a blinker on the side and the one at the front appears to be clear.



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