People are stupid!

Discussion in '2000 Mugen SS2200 Concept' started by honda eater, Aug 9, 2002.

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    compar this car to a corvette ZO6
  2. Mugen is pretty gay, same with Honda! No matter what, this piece of $H!T can't beat a Boxter! A Boxter!! A boxter is the slowest Porsche right now!<!-- Signature -->
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    *yawn* your lack of knowledge bores me.<!-- Signature -->
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    Porshe arent so great! if you ask me they arent really ''supercars'' the fastest porshe (road car) is the 911 turbo which isnt really that fast if you compare to a F50, mclaren, lambos and such cars. Yes porshe are wonderfully engeneered, great handly, nice car ballance, but performance wise im sure they could do ALOT better, why cant they put a 8, 10 or 12 in their cars?!?. And as for this piece of crap, well Honda should learn that 4 BANGERS ARE A DYING BREED! get me a honda with a TT I6 or a big a** V12, now id respect honda (and of course make it look like a nice car not like this shit, add a square roof and we have Fred Flinstone's car!)<!-- Signature -->
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    honda sucks dude they cant add a v 12 they cant even make a 4 cyl that has power honda needs to put fear this stickers on there exhaust cuz it sounds scaryier then what it is till you pull line to line with it my 91 grand am with a ho engine kicks any honda ever #$%#ing made now what does that tell you just imagine a vette honda just sucks ass they just gotta keep on sticking to there motorcycles but they also suck ass oh #$%# you all american motors rules and toyota
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from shogun6960</i>
    <b>i hate boxters porche is shit</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    First of all it's Porsche Boxster, second they are talking about how the Honda. I think you're in the wrong forum. But don't panic because there is a forum for Porsche. And in my opinion I don't think there sh!t.
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    G-d, you people make me damn sick. As user "blink" said, you guys really do bore me with your crap. Having a car that puts out 117 BHP per liter is insane. A car that revs to a blistering 9000 is insane. IT is a good asian car, with maybe not the best styling ques. As for the rest of you, every car type has its purpose and good points and bad. Theres to much to say, this is all kiddy shit that you figure out after being an enthusiast for such a long time. YOu dont even compare dif. car markets anymore, you see the good and the bad in everything.
    Now, you say that a Boxter sucks. I thought so before i drove one. I drove a Boxter S in my valet job. Its a beautiful car, taht has 251 BHP, and redlines at 7000, which is great for a 6 cylinder engine taht is a mere 3.2 liters. It feels like a rocket, and is luxurious, smooth, fast, and amazing.
    What i realized is that all of you people who claim you think this is faster, or that is faster, will never know, because you havent seen this "fast". You say, "oh, that new car only does 5.9 seconds 0-60, what a slow piece of shit" ever accelerated that fast off of a launch. Ever feel the rush taht is almost as good as sex! I #$%#ing hate all of you hipocrites. Fine, try 0-60 in under a second in the insane drag cars that do 1/4 miles at 4.3 seconds at over 250+ miles per hour. What a #$%#ing rush huh?

    All i want to say, is stop saying this sucks and that sucks because you think that just because its 6.2 or 7.1 that its not fast. Believe me, speed is not the only thing that counts, its how you get to that speed, and in what you are in.


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    OH yea, Ferrariboy16, yea ive been reading your replies, and its all crap and false information that you think is right. Just stop, OK, stop. I wont batter you, or say taht your gay or dumb, just stop. Pretend that you are talking to the top engineers of HONDA, BMW, and PORSCHE, etc. to their faces. People who know soo much about automobiles, taht they are automotive geniuses. STOP please, i beg you.

    THANK you,

    Eddie<!-- Signature -->
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    When will people stop comparing the configuration of the engines of cars. How does having V8 make it better? Oh, it has more hp! Woop-di-do! Why would a car like the boxter or the s2000 need an engine bigger than V6. They are roadsters. They don't need massive power to get fast acceleration and high speeds. Look at the weight of this car, 956kg. And the car has 258 hp. That's enough hp to get the car up to par with other roadsters. If roadsters had bigger engines then they would look like big pieces of $#!+ with no styling.

    And people gots to stop comparing imports to domestics. Imports should be compared to imports and domestics compared to domestics. Comparing the two is like comparing a comb to an afro pick. People have this misconception that the bigger the better. Then again, most of the people who say "Why doesn't Honda put in a bigger engine?" are the same people who probably don't know shit about cars. If bigger is better, why isn't there a 20cyl. Ferrari released yet?<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ferrariboy16</i>
    <b>Mugen is pretty gay, same with Honda! No matter what, this piece of $H!T can't beat a Boxter! A Boxter!! A boxter is the slowest Porsche right now!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    you stupid idiot peice of sh¡t, a STOCK S2000 will beat a boxster, and tie with a boxster S, god you ppl are FL|CKING STUPID!!!!!!!!! get your facts strait you moron
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    i bet you 50 bucks ferrariboy doesnt own a ferrari. he can't even spell boxster right.<!-- Signature -->
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    Uhhh, this car is the gayist thing i have ever seen, nice seat.... LOL
    Im with the guy that said boxters are better, and they are, they look better and have the guts. Um honda is trying to hard, they did a good job with.... umm nothing.<!-- Signature -->
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    the 2003 model Honda NSX is gonna have a 4-litre V8 with over 450hp, mid-engine, rear drive...u Z06 drivers better watch out when that comes along, dont b so childish as to write off a company because its cars use high-tech small engines rather than low-tech big ones
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    You know what, all of you that say its name is "boxter"
    Say that to yourself....So wrong ? Cuz it is stupid!
    its boxster you retards,
    Honda makes nice engines and cars, this is a concept isnt it?
    Damn lay off, Porsche's are great cars, so are honda's
    I once had an accord, pretty good for its money, and it was pretty fast too. So god dammit , lay off of honda jeez!
    Honda ,makes a reg s2000 for like 30,000 not to shabby whilst you get a boxster for what? like more than 30,000 i can tell ya that.
    Porsche cars are great, so are hondas, you cant compare them,
    also the regular s2000 is a 2 liter engine yet puts out nice performance. Lay off of honda and porsche, so much negativity there jeez, you should admire cars, not trash them.
    So much ignorance.
    Have a happy christmas
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    Ok, lets take a look at one of the few "Big Block" roadsters. The AC Cobra. 'nough said.

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    i would jus like to say, to the fools that think Honda is crap, one fact, they make the best and most refined engines in the whole world, i rest my case
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    oh yeh and one more thing, those guys that think that this car dont look good, i'd like to see u say that after u try and even draw something that remotely looks like that, then u can talk
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    OK 2 things. Some people here are not being fair. Hondas make very good cars. They also make very good engines (no way their the best like this guy above me said. I could think of at least 4 different companies that build better engines).

    Honda has a different technique in building cars than most people are used to high reving, low torque, reliable. You must reckognize this.

    Regardless I hate HONDAS!!! Even if they did make the best cars I would never buy one (except maybe S2000). I've said this before. I aint a drone. Auto Enthusasts who buy Honda cars are drones. Nothing you do to your Honda is all ready done 1000 times over. Good cars, but the most BORING IMPORT COMPANY ON THE PLANET. BORING BORING BORING... Open any Import mag how many Hondas are there? walk down the street. How many shogun kit hondas do you see? Hondas suck cause there boring. Other than that they are good cars<!-- Signature -->
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    There aren't many suped NSXs and S2000s. <!-- Signature -->
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    Gay, Gay ,Gay!.....only 258 hp? much $$?
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    This is a message to all the ignorant people out there yes i'm talking to all the people that are saying that they should throw a V8
    in a car that can't even hold a V6.
    The people that are saying this don't even know that the S2000 is capable of a RPM of almost 11000 !!!! you try to find any other 4 cilinder engine that is capable of that kins of RPM's .

    have you tryed ?

    i didn't think you would find any

    And to some @%@%@!@### thats saying that porsche can't build a fast car i have a few examples
    1 959
    2 1998 911 GT 2
    3 2000 911 GT 2
    4 Carrera GT
    5 911 GT 1

    so next time do youre homework before you say anything about porsche ok ?
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    I love Porsches and I love Hondas anything with a type-r or the S2000. The base S2000 costs 20,000 less than the Boxster S. That is like comparing a BMW 330i to a base sunfire. It just does not work. Who said four bangers are a dying breed. There will always be a need for them. This cars engine is a gem, granted no torque, but with piston speeds approaching F1 speeds that is amazing. 120 hp/l in an NA is amazing. The boxster is a great car too, but they are different.
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    *Prepared to take a beating* This car could beat an AC Cobra.<!-- Signature -->
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    So this pos can rev high. Who gives a shit0!!! It needs to #$%#ing rev high just to make some decent power.
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    What pisses me of is thay did not improve it.
    what the hell is that.<!-- Signature -->

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