Performance Bargain!!!!!

Discussion in '1978 BMW 635 CSi' started by MAD BAD EDD, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I'm not normally one for BMWs but for £2500 you can get a decent one of these. What a bargain! I mean, does anyone know a better car that combines coolness, comfort and speed for under £3K?
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    maybe an audi V8, but i'll take the BMW<!-- Signature -->
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    hey this aint bad...this is one of two bmw's id drive, the other being a 750il<!-- Signature -->
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    Well here in the US the M6s arent cheap. An M6 with under 100k is still going to run you atleast $18k+ but its worth it.
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    I would sure buy it for that cheap price!
    'Cause of it's strong engine.
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    It ain't much of a looker, but man? Used and fast. That's what I call the bang for the buck.
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    I dont think anything can really compared for buying price.. but the insurance + running costs are supposed to be very high.
    There used to be a CSi near me, it looked great. I'd love to have if it wasnt for the insurance.

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    Huh, it's the best bimmer ever !
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    I love it,

    it just screams POWER !
    and it has that fantastic look,

    hope the new M6 does me feel the same
    (i'm afraid it won't)

    allright, the old and new one are not really comparable, but still
    I would take this above a new M6 I guess...

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    It's just that I like the old-school BMW's much more.
    Bangle isn't my favourite designer...

    But maybe i'll get familiar with it (5,10,50 years?)
  11. You guys know any for sale??

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