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Discussion in '1969 Datsun 240Z' started by MAD BAD EDD, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Fantastic classic. Cheap. Fast. Need I say more?
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    The problem was that the future of this car produced disappointments to the Z badge, the newest 350Z and the 300ZX are not the same car that this great car was. the Z had a great start, but as i get to know more and more about the Z cars, it seems like they deteriorated in what they originally were. This would have to be the best car in the Z range for the time when released. I hope Nissan can come up with a new and great car in future, that can re-birth the z name.
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    ya this car was a great deal. back in '69 u could buy it new for about $3500
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    The 240Z was the best Z ever... after that it just got bigger, heavier and softer.

    Although, I gotta admit I wouldn't mind any of the other Zs <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> (yes even the 280ZX ... as long as it's a turbo!)
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    I agree Nissan/Datsun have gone backwards since the 240Z. Now dont get me wrong i like and repect the 350 but it just isnt up to the standards as the 240Z. it no longer comes under the same class i take it. Lets hope that the nxt Z car is a littel better
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    what's wrong with the 280zx?

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