Performance figures of the 1000hp S7TT? SAR?

Discussion in '2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo' started by boomerk9, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. From the road&track standing mile test, the 750hp S7TT managed to hit the mile in 25.9s.
    0-200mph in 23.4s
    Standing 1 km in 17.4s.

    SAR, what are the figures for the 1000hp version:
    Standing 1km?

  2. Faster then that
  3. ha, ok I get it.

    When will Saleen announce the 1000hp car (with it's performance figures)? All this suspense is killing me.

    p/s Following the Konrad S7s in Brazil at the moment, doing well. Can't wait to see the Oreca S7s in action.
  4. 1000hp? That's the one I want.
  5. i too am awaiting the performance figures i would much like to see how it does
  6. ...i have never heared of a 1000 hp version of this car, where can i find it???
  7. If you had enough money, you'd find it.
  8. hahaha!
  9. I believe its just the same car with more boost pressure, so you could simply buy a 750bhp one and turn it into a 1k.
  10. well the 1000 version also has intercoolers. im guessing you CAN do it yourself but i f you have 550k to spend on a car, you might as well have them do it

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