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  1. Which one do you think looks the nicest?
  2. first of all...good thread.
    i would take the excel jet based on looks, but voted honda for the v-attack
  3. The epic is the best looking, but I would choose the Honda simply for the safety factor of two engines.
  4. Just noticed the epic picture was taken in Newport, Oregon.

    edited cause I'm a dipshit
  5. That doesnt look like astoria.

    I voted for the SJ50.
  6. Other ex-Military L-39/T-33
  7. the epic looks badass, and the cirrus looks like a uav
  8. Newport, OR. Yaquina Bay Bridge.
  9. the 1st one
  10. Maintenance nightmares. Plus, you can only have one buddy come along, opposed to three or four.
  11. #3 is like a biiiig he-163
  12. What vintage jet isn't easy to maintain? If I a wanted small jet, I could give a shit about passengers.
  13. You are correct sir, my bad, I meant newport but typed astoria for some reason. I've crabbed off of that pier and drank beer at the brewery right behind it.
  14. 747-8 BBJ...
  15. Bit of a price difference, wouldn't you say?
  16. only way I'm buying a jet for private use is if it was involved in a war at some point.

    Then again I'd consider a plane like a P-47 first.
  17. Big Blow Job?
  18. It is one small fricken planet. I used to have family that lived in Newport.
  19. The Cirrus, almost looks like a Burt Rutan design.
  20. Epic LT... its cheaper has a higher payload more range and flies at 20 kts slower and the insurance is less than half the price because its a turbo prop instead of a VLJ. But having flown a Citation Mustang I did like that one.
  21. MiG 15. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  22. Vtec kicking in y0.

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