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  1. that would have been nice but I'm sure by the end of the weekend they'll have been moved
  2. Very possible. Tonight the 1953 Jaguar C-Type Works Lightweight I shot goes across the block and Saturday night is the 1956 Ferrari 250 TdF I shot goes, the car that one the race that year and gave the model the moniker 'Tour de France'. Really hoping both of them do really well.
  3. The C-Type just sold for $13.2MM.

    EDIT: Just found out this is a world record for a Jaguar sold at auction. Pretty cool.

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  5. whoa. i wish there were no light pollution here.
  6. Just saw that the 2000GT sold for $825,000.
  7. Yeah, I took that in my parent's yard in Southern Wisconsin. Insane how much you can see out there versus what you can see here in Phoenix. Saw one of the coolest things I've ever seen, too, a shooting star that split into two, then three. So large and clear. Unlike anything I've seen before.
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    This is nice.

    I'm going to invest a few grand into video gear in the coming months. It's a medium I'd enjoy I think, and me and a mate have some ideas for youtube channels to actually do something with it all.
  9. wheres the 4k mpg video!
  10. Thanks. Like I said, I didn't intend to shot any video, so it was all kind of hurried, handheld stuff, so I was happy with the results. Definitely makes me want to do more.

    I don't have any dedicated video gear (aside from an external mic), so at the moment everything I shoot is very run-and-gun with my dSLR and the same lenses I use for stills, but I'd like to get a slider and a decent video tripod. I think the lenses I have are sufficient for what I'd want to do.
  11. I actually had my camera pointed at the sky with a long exposure going when I saw it, but it was pointed in the wrong direction. ;_;
  12. shit happens
  13. That is not acceptable!
  14. Took a pic of something different to cars, like my in-law's farm tractor.

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  15. To be honest, unless you get into follow focus, the lenses you have would be more than fine for the large majority of things.
    Like photography, you really don't need much to get great results. better to learn what you're likely to shoot and the style you shoot it first.
  16. Just realized that in terms of value, I shot more than half of RM Sotheby's Monterey auction that just happened. Pretty crazy, considering their total sales were over $170MM.
  17. I'm going down there this week. shall I offer a sacrifice on your behalf?
  18. Was biking tonight. Dutch countryside can be beautiful sometimes.

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  19. make that this tuesday. and dont' worry stangman I'll bring a camera
  20. Very nice.
  21. Nice. Which office are you going to?
  22. chatham-kent. can never remember the name of the town its actually in but its very near that city in Ontario
  23. Yeah, Chatham. Have never been to that one. Should be some nice stuff there, though. Always awesome stuff at the California office (which is the one I always go to).
  24. only ever been to that one. as its only 3ish hours from my home
  25. I can see the pixels bro. You should buy a new camera...

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