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  1. Yeah something like a meter isn't too much of an issue. At least the camera can still function and capture images so I guess it's a good excuse to experiment with the whole "sunny 16" thing, and trying to guess exposure without a meter. EIther that, or getting used to actually using a standalone meter. I have quite a basic Sekonic L-208 which worked well enough when I was using the Hasselblad.

    I'd pay a few hundred quid to get my 1000F back up and running, since the alternative would be to buy a more recent model which would be prohobitively expensive. Another alternative to get back into Medium Formant would be to get into another system entirely which actually may end up being not much more expensive than repairing the one I have. Something like a Bronica SQ/SQ-A/i appeals, as they're a square 6x6 like the Hasselblad. Either that or a GS-1 which is a 6x7.

    Pentax 6x7 appeals, too but they're a bit dearer with the lens I'd like.
  2. Do you guys have any resources to share that you use or have used in the past to learn different editing methods in Lightroom or Photoshop? Any books to recommend or YouTube channels to link? I've found the resources on Adobe's own pages to be pretty helpful actually, just looking to expand a bit and see different approaches.
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  3. Found some buffalo today.

  4. I wish I did, to be honest. Ususally what I do is whenever I want to figure something out I'd search on YT and just try to watch a few videos, trying to find the one where you can't hear the OP's heavy breathing and endless UMM URRRRR into the mic.

    This guy seems a pretty decent place to start
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  5. The 105 2.4 is a fucking dream lens - I still regret selling mine sometimes. That body and lens is one of the best portable portrait film combos of all time as far as I'm concerned.

    Sucks your 'blad's stuck in a repair hole. If you can't find someone who's got the knowledge on how to fix it, have you had a gander to see if you can find any repair manuals on it? Do Hasselblad themselves even hold onto them (surely)? If it's going to be relegated to a mantlepiece object, you won't lose anything trying yourself. That or see if someone will take 50/100 squid for it as a parts camera on ebay and put that towards something new.
  6. I always approached this differently (probably because I grew up on film and turned back to it in the early digital days anyway), but for me, editing digital files is always just about trying to quickly and easily replicate the looks I've gotten, and the looks of photographer's work I've always enjoyed, er, looking at.

    As much as learning Lightroom is great, don't forget to pick up some photobooks (of actual photos, not how-to books).
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  7. I do quite like the 'blad just as an ornament, but yeah tbh it's probably best to sell it and put the cash towards something that works.

    The only thing that puts me off the Pentax a bit, aside from the additional cost compared with other 6x6/6x7 SLRs is how heavy it supposedly is for lugging around. I take it from your description that it's worth it, in the end.

    Also, did you have one with mirror lockup? If so, did you think it was necessary? conversely, if not, did you think you could have done with it?

  8. Funnily enough, that was the first dude I subbed to. I was on my way out west to climb a mountain and didn't have a clue how to use my camera yet so I downloaded as many of his YouTube videos as I could onto my phone and soaked it all up.
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  9. I actually thought about you when I was trying to take pictures while hiking... I was like **** I guess I can't ever complain about the outcome of a digital photo being 'hard work'.
  10. My second book arrived, BW pictures. And it looks sweeeet (ignore the blue tint from the light I was under, the actual printed pictures are properly white balanced):






    These reproductions look like crap with the blue tint, but you get the idea.
  11. Adorama has a good account too. There's a guy called Mark Wallace who has a good way of explaining things. I watched all of his stuff on studio lighting and it really helped my understanding

    His video playlist is here
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  12. Lol srsly. Imagine going for a 5 hour hike and coming home with three images you weren't even sure were any good.
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  13. I've always been a shitty photographer, even though it's been around me all my life and often even related to my work. I'm pretty good with composition (as in knowing what's a good moment/frame to catch), but that's about it. Instagram helps with that.
  14. I really like the idea of making some books. Is there a particular service you use?

    I was wondering about the sort of resolution you have to use and how the digital files are formatted for optimal print quality?
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  15. I use Blurb. I treat my photos normally, no need for special care. I transform them from raw into highest resolution jpgs, do a few more treatments in jpg (Nik software + some sharpening), all the usual procedures. Normally for internet visualization I'd reduce them to 1200px the largest side, but for printing I keep them at their native resolution for optimal printing quality.

    They have a free software called BookWright that you use to format your book. You change your jpgs to the sRGB colorspace, and import them in the highest resolution to BookWright, and it should do the rest. It doesn't even accept tiffs, so you really do need to convert your photos to sRGB jpgs before importing them, but that's all.

    If you want to be super anal about the color rendition, you can download their ICC color profile here, but I find this overkill. I found that both my B&W and color photos render really faithfully on Blurb books without any special care. Colors, blacks, highlights and midtones are all pretty close to what I see on my screen.

    Blurb has essentially 3 different option for printing your pictures:
    1) a super cheap B&W only inkjet, on a lightweight paper. A 122-page softcover book only costed me 8 dollars. But the quality is fairly lowfi, with low contrast, weak blacks and some printing failures;
    2) an intermediate priced option. It uses top quality printing from digital presses, but on intermediate uncoated paper. This is the one that used for both my books, and the quality is excellent.
    3) a quite expensive option. It uses the same digital press printing, but on more expensive papers. There are several papers to choose, and they are all quite heavy coated papers, with options for gloss or matte. I never used this one, it's too expensive.

    And independently of the paper/printing combo, you can choose three different covers (softcover, hardcover and linen hardcover with a dustjacket) and maybe 10 different book sizes. My color photos were printed on the 8x10 tradebook, and the B&W photos were printed on a slightly smaller 6x9 format.
  16. @Sick Boy, great info, thanks. Much appreciated!
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  17. @Kranke Junge

    Where are these pictures from?

    Where do you live?
  18. @Sick Boy

    Does this company give you different layout options, perhaps to add text to pages as well as photos? You may have just helped me figure out my dad's Christmas gift already. Was thinking of making a book of our recent travel. Thought it'd be nice to have a blurb (no pun intended) here or there regarding that part of our trip, or information on what the picture was of, stuff like that.

    EDIT: Just decided to not be a lazy idiot and look for myself. Looks like a great company with good products. I'm excited now!
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  19. New Zealand and New Zealand.
  20. Glad to hear.

    You probably already know this, but by using their software you can go bananas with any layout you fancy.

    Seriously, these books are one hell of a creative outlet.
  21. I always assumed that you were murican, given how passionate you were about somewhat US-specific issues.

    You are not worked, right?
  22. Eh, I'm passionate about politics/society in general. I could talk about the politics of the US, NZ, Europe, UK, Latin America, Middle East, each one to a different extent of course. If a person doesn't care about stuff like that then they are pretty much fucked in life, I believe.
  23. Yeah I'm trying to figure out who he used to be, too.
  24. Ignorance can be bliss.
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  25. Yeah, people in power love when the population lives in bliss. Panem et circenses and that whole thing. Get distracted bitches!
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