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  1. Jews are getting beaten up, spit on, their business destroyed, raped etc. by muslims living in Amsterdam. A bit like 70 years ago.

  2. Didn't notice. There's a ton of Israelis in the streets and there was a pro-Israel thing in Dam Square with only one handicapped person protesting against it.
  3. arab in wheelchair with palestinian flag attached?
  4. why is there always news of muslim vs everybody violence in the streets run for your life

    while nobody ive talked to has ever come across the issue IRL
  5. Don't really know if he was an Arab. Is here famous?
  6. I've seen that guy once in amsterdam
  7. I have, lots of times. Multiple friends/family i know i have as well.
  8. what happened?
  9. I have as well, but maybe that's not fair.
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  10. Instagram really kills the resolution.
  11. I used to grow up near Amsterdam. Lots of arabs/north africans/turks living there. In elementary school i got robbed from my keys, during football matches they were always trying to looking for a fight, in high school i've seen lots of them displaying inapropriate behavior towards women(calling them hoes when they don't like them back, touching butt/boobs without asking etc.) some classmates who were turkish/morrocan got arrested for stealing, my dad got robbed in brussel by a mob of arabs, i got punched of my bike by an morrocan without reason, friend got punched in a bar without reason by a morrocan, during lunch someone in school got punched because he was eating pork while it was ramadan. i could go on. Luckily i live in a city now where there's almost no arabs/north africans to be seen. So much more relaxed.

    No hate towards south east asian muslims btw, they are chill.

    Bonus: read this
  12. This is probably a subject for another thread, but I can definitely relate to that. Political issues aside, there are plenty of Israeli Arabs and the crime and death rates are much higher among them.
  13. Yeah It would be nice if this thread remained a photography thread.
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  14. share your favorite pics of muzzies causing problems
  15. xenophobia
  16. I don't really know how to take photos but apparently my phone did while I was drunk.

  17. i think cold places are pretty

    it was 73degrees today. i rolled my sleeves up
  18. DSC_6282.jpg

    One of our kets
  19. DSC_6295.jpg

    Charming village
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  20. [​IMG]






    Haven't been taking photos recently. I'll be traveling back home in June, will be keen to create new series of images.
  21. Idstein
  22. Camera people. I want a decent 'everyday' camera. Something that will take clear 'action' pictures without needing a tripod. (trying to take photos of our kids running around, with our phone cameras just results in blur and fuzz).

    I was kinda thinking GoPro hero 6. Pretty much just take 120 or 240 fps video, and pick screenshots as photos?
    Or Olympus TG5?

    I would love an entry level DSLR, but there doesnt seem to be anything waterproof....?
  23. The GoPro idea is cool, but I doubt the images would be good for anything other than posting on facebook.

    No DSLR is waterproof. Pro models are "weather sealed" and can withstand showers, but none are waterproof without a proper housing AFAIK. Out of interest, why do you need it to be waterproof?
  24. Current model phones take pretty good pictures, even of moving objects (not always, but that's true to any camera). They also have burst mode so you can take a bunch of photos and choose the one that isn't blurry.

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