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  1. #$%#, That would sell for like 7K here in Uruguay... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  2. both yours?
  3. At least you have it off road. My cousins boyfriend got one. It will probably never leave the pavement.
  4. the lotus is my friend's, i was never a fan of the build quality of that car, surely looks good though
  5. the beauty of this truck is offroad .. yes the gearbox is crap, but you get used to it
  6. your friend posts/posted here?

    Love the Raptor. So boss.
  7. doubt it really
    here is another pic
  8. my trashy trio

    (was jump starting the nissan with the other 2 ugh)

    edit: the crx is my truck
  9. I thought you got rid of the Pontiac.
  10. Time to put away the sled

    closest thing to a truck I have
  11. good. i can buy myself a clean raptor secondhand
  12. you'll never use it off road.
  13. 2003 nissan altima 3.5SE V6
  14. My new bike - '11 Yamaha R6 - shitty mob. phone pic, but it's all I've got at the moment.
  15. 1979 Ford Econoline
    460 V8, 60,000kms.

    It's a survivor and nothing is wrong with it. Someone owed me cash, couldn't pay up. So I grab the title to this little unit. Cheaper then a tent. will probably just sell this in the fall, I prefer tents over campers.

    2006 GMC Canyon
    Inline 5, 5 speed manual, 4X4

    Wasn't too interested in these trucks, but my stepfather bought this truck as an errand unit a few years ago. He ended up buying a new work truck and a car this year and no longer needed this. He bought new brakes, changed all the fluids and new shocks. He pretty much gave this a complete work over. 120,000kms all highway, and he cut me a really sweet deal. $6,000 canadian. The banks say its worth $14k, so I'll deal with any problems that will show up with this engine down the road.
  16. that I5 is the ULTRA finicky 9 recall I6 from the TrailBlazer minus 1 cylinder, best of luck
  17. Yeah I know, its my biggest issue with buying the truck. Thankfully it was dirt cheap to buy. Drive it for a season, then sell it before winter. I still have my astra as a reliable dd.
  18. needs the other r wheels.
  19. the 5-spokes? There's a yellow saloon near where I work* that has those in the same colour as Rob's.

    *A little story. feel free to ignore: The road by work is a private road owned by a construction company nearby (It's actually called "Private Road No. 2") - afaik the law is a bit different on these private roads, so people drive stupidly fast down there quite often.

    An unusually high number of performance cars drive down there to take advantage of it, the best being a dark blue Lamborghini Countach
  20. yeah like these.
  21. If I ever get the Porsche brake kit I'll probably have to get those wheels. I like the 7-spokes, though. I wanted them for my 760.
  22. My boss just bought one. Any specific problems with the I5?

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