Photoshopped Mini

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  1. 1st pic is photoshop
    2nd is the original

    Took off door handles, side mirrors, Mini badge, license plate, and the windshield wipers.
  2. Stick on bigger wheels haha
  3. I thought about adding bigger wheels, then realized it's a Mini. I am in the process of taking out the lights in the grill.
  4. I am having too many problems with taking out the grill lights, so I made this.
  5. a mini magazine here did some testing to find the best wheel size for minis.

    (all 6 width)

    12's were 0.75 a lap faster then 13's
    14's were 2 seconds off 13 pace
    the 10's test (yep you can get 10x6's for a mini) was ruined by gear ratios that were far too short on a jack knight 5-speed.

    i cant remember the track, may have been castle combe.

  6. hmm, no doors, badges, license plates. you're going to have trouble when the cop pulls you over about the plates, and says, "Could you step out of the vehicle?"
    Either that, or its a gogomobile dart
  7. I did that with a Skyline, in Adobe PhotoDeluxe. I win.

    EDIT: I don't know whose pictures those are, but I'm claiming credit for them. Pay me royalties.

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