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    Oh and Shadow you might want to check out this guys bike on CBRForums as well if you like watching Pauls bike change.

    Red is also a member at, and I believe won the one BOTM over moo awhile ago. It's amazing watching what these guys can do, but it drives me crazy knowing I don't the money to do what they do! I actually got Red's old black levers from him for $15.
  2. *slide, not the ride

    wreck? FARK YOU
  3. Was a good fit?
  4. ^a bit loose......

    or I'm a bit small
  5. should have been born in mexico , all the steroids in the watter make ur rod as wide as a caddy .
  6. Hey Pandabeat.
  7. hi
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  11. I can't see the picture :/

    talking about bikes, Ducatti!! My fav!

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