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  1. Well, see, that's the problem with things like that. It's too much trouble to do things like that. We're supposed to make things more "user friendly" and easily accessible for viewing members and newcomers for a better and easily navigational site. H3LL, a lot of members here probably hardly even know what the right mouse button is even for. Nonetheless, my point is, is it's a great idea, as it's a motion with our moving toward an ever changing, progressive site. Making things easier and better for people to WANT to join this site is the whole point, leading to higher rating and more inflow of car enthusiasts and newcomers alike. I say we go with it.
  2. There should definitely be made a prevention for that too. Heads up, or just doing away with pdf's altogether.
  3. Good idea.

    + 1
  4. your sig is stupid. Get rid of it.
  6. It can be easily implemented
  7. but won't look as good..
  8. It can also just show a little text with the image dimensions when you move your mouse over the image...
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