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  1. My brother downloaded by chance a chapter of a TV programme called "Pimp my Ride". There, a girl who owned an old American Ford Escort gave the car to the program´s mechanics and they "tuned" it with the front of an old BMW 3-series, chrome rims, loudspeakers, TV screens and all that. When I saw what they did in the end with the car I thought it was utter horrible ricing. They didn´t touch the engine and only focused in typical ricing mods.
    Do you know that programme? What do you think about it? Is it considered a serious cars programme?
  2. LMAO thats the gayest show on the block.
  3. Where do you live? It's very popular over here in the states and is on MTV. People say that they like Overhaulin better (and I agree about what they do to the cars on that show), but personally I find Overhaulin a LOT less interesting than Pimp My Ride. It's funny seeing the mods that they put on the cars in Pimp My Ride, and I like the host (Xzibit) much better than the one on Overhaulin.
  4. overhaulin would be a million times better if they didnt do that stupid pranks. its nice and all to do something special for someone, but i really dont care about how they keep the car for a week

    pimp my ride is fun to watch just because they are so stupid. ive started thinking that even the guys who work on the cars are taking it as a joke. they just want to see what they can get away with. the cars are good.. to a point, then they just go overboard. if they actually did performance mods, and brought the styling down a notch or two, they would be very respectable
  5. I am in Spain, so the MTV is a cable channel of Pay per View (which I don´t have) and I don´t think this programme is shown here. I´m afraid I also don´t know that "Overhaulin".
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    thats overhaulin
  7. Overhaulin would also be a lot better if they made it just 30 minutes and have better hosts (not girls, sorry but most of them don't really know what they're talking about). I find it boring because they talk too much about what they're going to do. They tell about the unnecessary specific details (like telling about how they are going to remove the rust) rather than just give the basics (like telling about what they removed).
  8. Overhaulin is a kick ass show. No one re does cars so good like Chip Foose. They actually make a car LOOK GOOD AND PERFORM. They redo the engine, suspension etc... Pimp My ride is a show for 16 year olds who think putting 3 xbox's and 10 LCD screens in your POS is awsome. It is funny to watch though..coz ha;f the people that drive those cars look like they stole it from someone else.
  9. I have never seen this programme. It seems like I will never watch it.
  10. Xzibit is a great hilarious host, too bad indeed that they don't touch the engine on the show most of the time. And if they do, it's to place another 3 batteries there for the 23432135234345423 flatscreen tvs and gamecubes/ps2s. Anyway, it's pretty entertaining to watch, and I can recall some pretty cool looking mods like the VW Minibus and the Daihatsu Hi-Jet.
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  12. the funniest thing was the TV in the spare tire spot under the truck
    so you can watch while you work, lol
  13. Its terrible, unless you like watching big black men being stupid.
  14. Im going to buy a beat up Cavalier for 500 dollars. Let them "pimp" it out and sell it on Ebay to some douche for 20k!
  15. They had a car from Pimp my Ride on ebay awhile back.
  16. I can't wait for one of those pimp my ride car to be broken down on the side of a road...All the aesthetics and tv's in the world but you still have the same lame engine and trasmission that has 300k miles on it that they never touched.
  17. I just wish that Overhaulin' would be more entertaining rather than educational (it reminds me of those shows on speedvision where they tell you how to modify your car).
  18. I like Pimp My Ride because Xibit is the only one rapper that I can stand watching, and quite enjoy.

    MTV kids don't care about anything beneath the skin of anything.

    Overhauling is great except they should get Xibit to host it.
  19. MTV is a liberal brain washing tool so it fails by default.
  20. yes, CMT is much better

    and FOXNews
  21. duhhh
  22. Redneck Woman is an awesome song.
  23. MTV was cool when it actually showed music. Of course you wouldn't remember that because you're some dumbass kid and that was way before your time.
  24. Pimp my ride makes poor people's cars even more expensive to maintain. They suck for that. They don't fix anything that is seriously wrong with the car either. Overhaulin is good because they redo everything to make the car more drivable. The host of Overhaulin is much easier on the eyes than PMR as well.
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