Pinin Enzo

Discussion in '2006 Ferrari 575 GTZ' started by Carbon Fiber, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I hope Pinin's make over of the Enzo comes out looking better than this.
  2. When I first heard Zagato would build a version of the classic 575, I cringed, seeing as how their last project killed the lines of a perfectly styled car, the Aston DB7. Now my fears have been realized. I don't know what this customer was thinking, but he should've just bought a DB-AR1. I couldn't agree more with your reaction. Hopefully this Pinin Enzo will do better, especially given the lineage of the P4 name.
  4. is this the only picture we have available to us? i also didn't like the zagato db7. the grill was just a bit too big..
  6. i'm goin to go out on a limb and disagree with yal, i think its gorgeous and i wish it was possible to own one
  7. Yeah... now that I've seen the front, I kind of like it. But the back still looks rediculous.
  8. i think the back is awesome too...except for the fact he used 612 headlights for the tail lights...actually they look good to but since you already have a previous conception that those are head lights and not tail lights, it looks kinda funny...what was he thinking...the car is completely breath taking, except for that one dumb mistake
  9. It looks a lot better in the gallery on the home page.
  10. You know you're stupid-rich when you can say, "Sure...this 575, is a nice car...but I want it to look like THIS."
  11. I see I'm not the only one who took one look at this and said, "That's an Aston-Martin!"
  12. i assume thats just to be different,right?
  13. i wish i was that stupid
  14. Looks like 1/3 2002 Ford Thunderbird, 1/3 1956 Corvette, and 1/3 Goodyear blimp! If I were Ferrari, I'd be ashamed to put the prancing horse on this one.
  15. this doesnt look very nice
  16. i actually REALLY like this car, it's pretty weird, and and crazy looking, but i really like the bubble roof, and the overall styling is sweet, it looks like batman meets james bond or something!
  17. I do not like the design... at all. But that's my opinion.

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