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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TAWS7</i>
    <b>All you "Mazda Lovers" you seriously need to find a new car, cuz first of all... there is no way they can hang with Turbomans Cobra, My Trans Am WS7, or even a Viper for that matter, and A New RX-7 Cost somewhere around $35,000 my WS7 was close to that, and the Cobra was somewhere in there as well, and we can still blow the doors off of any fukkin RX-7 you wanna put up there, JESUS. And My car isnt stock. I have invested about $7,500 into it. So you put your $7,500 into your RX-7 and we will see who the fukk is better. I bet, (and anyone with at least half a brain) would put their money on me.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Don't you mean WS6, I think if you really owned one you'd atleast get that right.<!-- Signature -->
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    First of all Turbof**ker, those cobra Mustangs are pussy cars. You should relize what an ugly car your driving and get something that has some real power and style. If you ever drove a RX7 you would know what your missing. As for the #%$it with the "viper" I just hope your happy with your 190,000 dollar car. Just think what you could have done to an RX-7 for that. Oh I forgot you probaly have never changed your oil. Just don't dis a car you know nothing about.
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    Ok sure ya can say the Rotary is not the most reliable engine on the planet, i own a 93TT and with 120k on the OD and it needs a rebuild. I also own a 98 Ford with 72k and guess what it needs a rebuild. Stop being stupid. And don't even say well that cause the ford you own sucks.If ya can't back up your statments with facts don't talk. By most Publications most American made cars are some of the least reliable cars, but ya know what ppl buy them cause they like them ,you can't argue with a persons taste, ya can question it ,but you can argue it.
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    Dude, I've seen dodge viper getting killed by civics, so never say rx7 can't beat it. Just imaging your dumb a$$ viper v10 getting killed by I4 economy car. ROFL.
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    this thread is really pointless and gay.
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    It's pointless saying a RX-7 is shit by comparing it to a Viper. The RX-7 is cheaper and can be easily tuned. Ive seen a Venom 500 Viper race this exact car(slightly tuned) and blow it away. So dont say shit before you know what your talking about. The amount of money you have left over by byeing a RX-7 compared to a Viper,SHIT, you get get a few hundred horsepower.
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    Error in my previous post....
    Ive seen a Venom 500 Viper race this exact car and THIS blew it away!
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    I have some things to say...

    u may know that viper is fast...


    not when you spend same money on it...

    if you have money for viper...

    you wiill be able to make the fastest rx-7 around you... so...

    viper loses.... haha

    and the person who started this conversation is....

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    You are a hell of a dumbass, maybe the biggest car idiot in this site. The RX-7 only has 255 HP. CAN'T YOU FUCKING READ? ARE YOU ILLITERATE? DID YOU FORGET TO BUY YOUR HOOKED ON PHONICS GAMES OR SOMETHING? If you think 255 HP is amazing, you'll probaly pass out looking at BMW's or other 300 HP cars.
    Anyways, the Viper makes the RX-7 it's *****. How can a 155 MPH car beat a 185MPH? Explain that to me, if you are intelligent enough to say something.
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    I agree with you. There's nothing but dumbasses in this thread.
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    The Trans Am only came with a WS6 option, there is no such thing as a "WS7" as you stated.

    Also, check out ebay, there are several RX7TT's which cost around $12k. I will take you up on your challenge if you like, an RX7 vs your "WS7" on a strip, then on a track. You spent over $40k on your "WS7), so I'll do the same for the RX7. I guarantee you, the RX7 will show you what a 500hp 2700lbs car can do, and thats eat your car alive. Besides, I doubt you could drive your imaginary car even if you did own it.

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    Acceleration doesn't help you carry a higher apex speed, it allows you to accelerate coming out of a turn.

    A higher apex speed through a turn is due to the suspension/tires combo, as well as the balance of the car. The RX-7 has a better balance and has a stiffer suspension comapred to the viper, simply because of the difference in weights, not the touring RX-7 of course, this is the R1(93 below) and R2 (94 above).

    A bike however can carry a higher apex speed as well as pull out with higher acceleration. The gixxer 1k will pull 1.3g's in a turn, then has the same acceleration that it uses to pull 9's in the 1/4, to pull out of that corner.

    It is my opinion, that a stock Viper would beat a stock RX-7, I really like the RX-7, and I plan on buying one, but lets be realistic.
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    finally some one said it. go RX-7. the viper is cool to but remember this little portion of the forum is for the rx-7 so if you want to glorify the viper take it to that part of the website. nuff said

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