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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Brilliant Burns, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. this may sound crazy, but i am stuck at my grandparents house, My borther lost my keys in the woods while walking the dog. I absolutely have to get home today. I can jimmy the lock to get in, but cant find anyone to cut a key from code w/ the lock cylinder.

    Does anyone have any idea, or know of any website, that could show me how to hotwire a '93 honda civic ex?

    sorry its a stupid thing to ask, but its kinda last resort, no locksmiths are open today, and i dont havfe $300 for a greasemonkey to come out and do this. im good with tools, and my brother is real good with electronics and wiring.... please help. Thanks
  2. Well you can do one of two things.

    A dealership could cut you a key from your VIN #.

    Or you could run down to your local Advanced Auto/Pep Boys/Whatever and buy a new ignition switch with key for around $15 and install it. Of course it probably won't fit up into your steering coloumn but hey you should have thought of that before you let your stupid family play with your keys.
  3. Like Spyder said, Go to a Honda dealership, with all the papers of the car and your driver's licence and they will cut a key for you.
    Cost you around 10 to 15 bucks.
  4. thanks, but none of that works.
    -Auto parts place dont have the parts needed on hand
    -honda dealer not open/ vin # cuts dont work past 10 years
    - also i have the valet lock set w/ codes... but no places are open that i can bring it and have a key cut.

    thanks anyway, i feel like itd be a bad idea to try hotwiring it anyway... but hey, thought id check. thanks again.
  5. pull out the dremel and get to work
  6. it wouldnt be $300 for a guy to come out with those vans and cut a key, couldnt be that much. mabye $40 or $50 no?

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