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Discussion in '2001 BMW M3 GTR' started by Master Spikey, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. I am sorry about 'my' thread about this being a ripp-off. It wasn't me who posted the thread! This is no joke! Someone at my college gained acess to my password so resulting in them making stupid ass comparisons.

    By the way- this car is fukin great! Well its not my usual kind of liking but its quite good!
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    shut up...cuz we know its u..dont blame it on ur friends...even if u werent the person who posted that stupid thread than ur stupid for leavin ur password hanging around
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    Looking at the body, I could say that it's a ripp-off too. But you don't usually see a V8 M3. Besides, it's a GTR, in another words, a race car! dum.

    In case you didn't know, I drew this BMW M3 GTR below by myself. Don't believe me, don't have to.
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    oh i believe you, but if i were the proprietor of that particular piece of artwork i wouldnt boast about it.
  6. hahahhahahh wtf

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