Pontiac FLare

Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by Innotech, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Name needs work. Its a little roadster with a lightweight roof and minimal bodywork. Sort of like the Plymouth Prowler.
  2. i like, awsome d00d!
  3. pretty good.
  4. really good. It actually looks like a pontiac supercar (if yu can imagine pontiac would ever make one)
  5. Ivwe been toying with that idea too. a muid engined Pontiac supercar. I havent gotten that far on it though I always foul it up somehow. I want to draw a Lincoln supercar also, somethingl ike the Cadillac Cien.
  6. if it didnt look so concepty, id say you should call it a fiero..
  7. nice work, I like it
  9. This isbnt mid engined and its smaller than a Fiero actually. Its supposed to be a smaller Caterham sized enthusiast car.
  10. a bit extreme for a pontiac but it looks pretty good. the 2nd pic from the rear looks really nice. the first pic looks a little out of proportion but nice work.
  11. looks really nice, it looks like a prowler backwords but the rear wheels pop out fat
  12. Ooh the rear is pretty cool, good job!

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