"Pontiac G8 SSV" to be offered in Australia!

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I really did LOLLLLLL
  2. +1 LOL
  3. Same
  4. I can't remember what the Holden version looks like, but I can tell you that I prefer the Pontiac version anyway.
  5. Because you're an idiot and obviously blind.
  6. it actually wouldn't look too bad if it didn't have the horrible front bar/grill combo.

    also, are the bonnet vents functional? do they goto the air filter ect or just into the engine bay? surely a car manufacturer knows that u need to get air outta an engine bay, not more in!
  7. We Build Excitementâ„¢
  8. I would think they are just for show, at the very least they don't go into the air filter.
  9. what a boorish and unsophisticated piece of trash.

  10. I'm confused. Why rebadge a rebadge?!
  11. Either you are a terrible attempt at trolling or a complete retard.
  12. ^ hey look everyone, burner is back
  13. i saw a munro the other day that had a gto front. it looked alright becuase it still used the monaro wheels and all that but didn't have the gto spoiler. looked like how a gto should have looked i suppose. the spoiler and 17/18" wheels really vanilla'd up the gto's looks.
  14. wow that's good to hear for Australia.
  15. Seen a few of these G8 SSVs around, and they look pretty decent
  16. Not as offensive as I thought, maybe I've gotten used to seeing their ugliness in photos.
  18. Get FUcked.
  20. You found me xoxo

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