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  1. this car's a piece of shit!

    this car looks ugly as hell! the only good thing about it is its probly fast but who gives a shit about that?! ide rather have a slow and bad ass lookin car then a fast piece of shit lookin car! who else agrees with my ass?!

  2. Lola?????

    who the hell makes these cars
  3. Re: Lola?????

    ask a stupid question........

    LOLA, they make heaps of shells and cars for other racers, they used to make old F1 cars if i remember corectly<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: Lola?????

    Lola strictly designs bodies and chassis for Le Mans Series racing machines; No cars for the street. They all use some other type of engine though (usually Ford or Chevy). They've always been known for producing small numbers of excellent, hand-crafted racsrs. The Lola T-70 of the late 1960's through early 1970's is often regarded as being one of the best and most desireable sports racers ever built.
  5. Re: Lola?????

    Aksk a stupid question, get a stupid answer.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Good ol' Lola

    I wish they featured the Lola T-70 on this website. Those were probably the best ones ever made! The newest ones that have been racing in the LMP675 and LMP900 classes of the Le Mans Series are pretty good too. I'll always be a fan of them. I know this won't happen but wouldn't it be neat if Lola decided to make a car for the street??????
  7. Re: Good ol' Lola

    no<!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: Good ol' Lola

    Of course not. They would be ugly.<!-- Signature -->
  9. That is all i have to say!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: POOOOOOO!!!

    SPAM!!!<!-- Signature -->
  11. Re: POOOOOOO!!!

    Whatever. Lola cars are excellent racers.
  12. Re: POOOOOOO!!!

    THis has a good power to weight ratio<!-- Signature -->
  13. Only 400 bhp on an LMP??

    Although it is a tremendously light car, of 720 kgs., I think that to compete in the LMP category with cars which have a max power of 880 bhp, 400 horses under the hood is very little for this car.
    By the way, A NISSAN V6?? If they already have the R-390 GT-1 in LM, why do they build an engine for an opponent??
  14. Re: Only 400 bhp on an LMP??

    Where is the V10?<!-- Signature -->
  15. ahh good old F1 company

    this was an F1 company they had their moments
  16. Re: ahh good old F1 company

    I got the lola B2K/10 on my website click here<!-- Signature -->
  17. Re: ahh good old F1 company

    did they die out?<!-- Signature -->
  18. Re: ahh good old F1 company

    They are still very much alive but not in F1 and they only make chassis. Why did they chooses a nissan V6 for this car?<!-- Signature -->
  19. Re: ahh good old F1 company

    they chose the nissan V6 for it's phenomenal performance and endurance. check that out 400hp, and it doesn't look like they have turbos or anything. i'd say that's pretty damn good.
  20. Re: ahh good old F1 company

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 94stang5L</i>
    <b>this was an F1 company they had their moments</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Lola has been more of a sportscar builder than a F1 company<!-- Signature -->
  21. lolo lo lolola!

    Perfect for a song and for racing!<!-- Signature -->
  22. Re: lolo lo lolola!

    They both have trannies in them too. Ha ha!<!-- Signature -->
  23. Re: lolo lo lolola!

    Whatever floats your boat.........
  24. Re: lolo lo lolola!

    *rolling eyes*<!-- Signature -->
  25. That is all i have to say!!<!-- Signature -->

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