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  1. yo wasssup peps im making me a new focus and its goin to be tigh i have everything planed out but i gotta work some more but ill telll you hows it goin to look first off when you see my car you will see the tigh dragon decals i bought and my white painted body kit and white spoiler. when you get in the car you can tell that i spent many days inside with many different stuff i have 2 headrest tv a dvd/am/fm cd player a built in game system and the whole itereor is black with bblack sparco racing seats,peadles, and hornest the engine is goin to be a ford racing engine from jegs that has 400 hp sounds nice the stereo 4 subs and 4 amps and 1000 watt speaker system
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    LOL, I'll bet you get everything other than the engine swap done.................rycer<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    im going to build this car for one reason only to kill every damn pos jap that goes in my way i dont like ryce cars that much but i do like the focus and the focus is not a ryce rocket its a ryce burner he he he
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    It's not the car, it's what you're planning to do to it, the Engine Swap (pretty uncreative way to increase hp if you ask me) appears to be the only performance mod you're going to make, everything else seems like all the ingredients to ryce a car out.

    and with just that engine, you won't be able to "kill every damn pos jap", though it would be able to beat many, there are also quite a few that are modded right and are VERY fast and would be faster than your Focus, you racist @$$hole.
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    see thats my secret i was waiting for some one to ask that and to answer it well im going to add a supercharger a computerchip a nice fat tank of nx nitrous epress 100 shot hp a aem cool intake i might add a blower onto it but maby not new headers a 5.0 liter engine block a and a k&n air filter and a nice phat exhaust i can think of any more too much mods this is going to be a serious tight ass ride and i might add 18 on my car with nitto tires
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    you really need to learn to be a better liar.
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    im not lying i just need the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    You don't even have a license, so how could you possibly even own a car, nevermind one that costs more than $300?
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    You need to spend the money and buy hooked on phonics and learn the english language correctly first.
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    why dont you spend the money on some schooling so you can learn to speak the english language properly.
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    Oh yeah, and if you own a 600 horse integra, tell me how much torque at what RPM it has. I would love to hear that. Also, 600 horse in a stock integra engine is nearly impossible, even if you had a large enough shot of nitris to blow the engine away in 2 uses. Also, tell me how you installed that bottle of "nos"? By the way, what does "nos" stand for anyway?
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    600hp integra? It's possible, but the money u will have to spend ont it will be a lot, plus, the integra isn't meant for drag racing.
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    I have never heard of someone making a 500 horsepower gain on a stock engine that small.
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    Yea, getting 400 -500hp out of teh integra stock is possible, in fact, u can buy the whole turbo kit and install it urself, and u don't ahev to replace any part. But 500hp? I'm not sure.......
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    i do neeed the money and the integra thing i was going to see how many idiots would believe me he he he he he he he i dont even like acuras they suck
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    and nos mean nitus oxide system dumbasss are u like a little kid or are u trying to tst me or something
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    and i said street racing cars on the bottom not drag racing u need to go back to first grade and learn how to read brfore u even try to pick a fight with me
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    No, you wernt lying, you were being an idiot.
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    And you need to learn how to spell.
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    Oh yeah, which engine are you going to use in your engine swap? I am going to laugh when you tell me an engine that wont even fit in the engine bay.
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    yeah its possible on a honda, ive seen the dyno charts. your wrong about not having to do anything else besides a turbo. the stock internals are junk, if you want it to last you need stronger rods and pistons, engine managment, and lots of tuning. it takes a lot of work but i becha you could do it for 15k including the cost of the car. like if you got a 91 civic SI or 92-95 hatch, built a motor up and swaped it in.....so yeah its possible
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    I think we may have some miscommunication, or we may not. I am still maintaining that you cannot gain 500 horse on an integra motor. With an engine swap, of course it is impossible. Of couse then you would have to modify about everything else in the car to handle the power. Not cheap at all.
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    uuhhhhhhhhhhhh im geting the v8 conversion kit that cost15,000 and a gudes turbo and some more stuff tooo much to list now im going to laugh at your next post because u are the one who is the retard now dumbass
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    HAHAHAHA, a 15,000 motor? Is it made of solid gold or something? You obviously know nothing about engines.
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    I'm inot sure about otehr hondas, but i'm quite positive that teh S2000 can take that turbo kit without chaning teh whole engine.

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