Porsche-drivers training at Cyprus

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  1. Stuttgart. Stuttgart. Preparations for the 2007 motorsport season are in
    full swing. In addition to their personal sports programme the Porsche
    works drivers met up for an intensive ten-day fitness training on Cyprus.
    Under the direction of sports physician Prof. Dr. Frank Mayer from the
    University of Potsdam, factory drivers Timo Bernhard (26), Sascha Maassen
    (37), Romain Dumas (29), Ryan Briscoe (25), Emmanuel Collard (35), Patrick
    Long (25), Joerg Bergmeister (31), Marc Lieb (26) and Richard Lietz (23)
    focus on strength and endurance in preparation for races in international
    sportscar and GT racing series. Also taking part in the Porsche Fitness
    Camp were UPS-Porsche juniors Lance David Arnold (20) and Martin Ragginger

    Aside from exercises to increase strength and endurance, also on the
    comprehensive training schedule were workouts to enhance coordination,
    speed and flexibility. The pilots train between five and seven hours daily.
    “I feel that the muscles in my torso have improved considerably and this is
    particularly important for a race driver,” reports Timo Bernhard, who
    shares the cockpit of an almost 500 hp Porsche RS Sypder with Romain Dumas
    for the Penske Motorsports team in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

    Sascha Maassen, the reigning ALMS champion in the P2 class, made the most
    of this chance to get to know his new team mate Ryan Briscoe whilst also
    further improving his fitness. “The ten days of training on Cyprus were a
    great chance for us to get used to each other. In long-distance racing it's
    crucial for race drivers who are usually lone-rangers to think as a team.”
    said Maassen. “The camp has really helped the whole driver squad to weld
    together. Not once did we experience cabin fever. The new drivers also
    fitted in really well,” added Timo Bernhard, who has competed for Porsche
    since 1999.

    “All drivers have trained excellently over the winter and have followed my
    workout programme diligently. For this reason it was possible to further
    increase the pilots' performance during our intensive ten-day camp,”
    praises Prof. Dr. Mayer. According to the sports physician, the pilots now
    head into the season well prepared.

    For their race events the works drivers will also be under the care of a
    medical team, to which at least one doctor belongs. Porsche race physician
    Dr. Georg Huber has accompanied the sportsmen since 1973. His colleague,
    Dr. Jürgen Lindemann, has also spent a good two decades travelling to race
    tracks all over the world. At particularly long events like the Sebring 12
    hour race, the Le Mans 24 Hours or the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, the
    squad also has Prof. Mayer and his team of physiotherapists at hand.
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