Porsche drops Le Mans hint

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    Porsche could return to Le Mans with a car capable of challenging for outright victory, according to company bosses.

    Although he did not specify when a car would make its competitive debut, Porsche boss Michael Macht told Autosport the company had "big plans for the future" and promised an announcement "that will surprise you" in the spring.

    He added: "Everyone in the Porsche family would be happy to go to Le Mans to challenge for victory again. When we do go we have to be prepared; we will only go if we have a chance to win."

    Wolfgang Durheimer, Porsche board member in charge of motorsport, confirmed that there is no reason why Porsche and Audi couldn't race against each other at Le Mans, despite them both being part of the VW Group now.
  2. Meh, will not look as good as LeMans Porsches of old. Still good though
  3. Finally, can't wait to see the new car.
  4. The changes being made for 2011 are too extensive to list off the top of my head, but current LMP2 motors will be LMP1 eligible in 2011 on, so a big portion of what could be an overall contender is already complete. The chassis may be able to be used with minimal modifications as well.
  5. I think it is good for the sport for the Manufactures to get more involved with the roadracing programs. Yes, LMP series will be very interesting; but I still love the street cars of the GT series and would like to see the Manufactures put together actual teams of their own to go out and hammerout with the compition directly like back in the hey-days.
  6. I think if they could actually regulate it to work how it was supposed to (LMP1 is for manufacturers only and LMP2 is for Private teams only), it'd be great, but I don't like having factory teams in both. Big manufacturers are great, but at the end of the day, it's the throngs of privately entered cars that make up the majority of the entry lists and the more factory teams are allowed to enter whatever class they want, the more privateers will be scared away.
  7. as long as they can do this and not get penalized for it, they should win all the time!!
  8. Although one thing that should be made clear, a Porsche return to LMP1 will surely mean the end of Audi in LMP1.
  9. I'm a Corvette fanboy through and through, but that incident did not happen because the Porsche put him into the wall, but because the left wall moves inwards, to the right near the finish line which forced Jan to have to move right and being that he was slightly ahead at the time, it cause him to sideswipe the Porsche. There's no left handed "jab" motion of any kind that would have been necessary in order to say the Porsche put the Corvette into the wall. And while it wasn't the most gentlemanly thing in the world for Jorg to have driven him so close to the wall in the first place, neither driver is innocent following the last half hour or so of that race.

    In the end, I conclude that it was simply 2 drivers racing as hard as possible and there simply wasn't enough road for the both of them and someone was going to get burned, and unfortunately the Corvette got burned bad.

    And the factory Corvette drivers are known to be among the biggest bullies on the track anyways, so I don't have too much sympathy for them...

    End rant.
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    You are insane, watch the video, the Porsche driver was completely pushing the corvette into the wall. That is not the racing line on that part of the course.

    There doesnt need to be a jab motion when you are pushing the other guys car against the wall.

    starts at 9:40

    rubbing and bumping is racing, purposely pushing someone into the wall is exteremly pathetic and cheap. Very very NASCAR like, if someone is in the way, wreck them....
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    He clearly pushes him over to the wall but the contact that actually caused the Corvette to spin was caused by the Corvette reacting to wall moving closer to him on his left side. Now would that have happened had Jorg not pushed him over to the wall? No. But would the Vette have even had a chance to drive up alongside the Porsche it he hadn't rammed him up the rear going in to the last corner?

    It's definitely not a gentlemanly (and in my opinion, shouldn't be a legal) way to win to just ram someone up the rear at the last corner and drive past him. Who's to say that bump couldn't have spun the Porsche, giving the Corvette the easy win. That's as Nascar-ish as anything.

    BOTH drivers were dirty several times over the last 20 minutes and I blame both for this happening, but I do honestly feel the actual spin was caused by the Corvette evading the wall to his left and coming across the front of the Porsche.

    But this has been debated to hell, and everyone sees what happened differently, and so I don't see any further need to #%[email protected] at each other about it.
  12. Both those drivers are dirty #$%#ers
  13. There is a big difference between bumping someone in the corner at low speed and pushing someone into a wall causing him to wreck at speed. You are right, the wreck was probably caused by Mags but only because the pussy driving the porsche did everything he possibly could do to make sure he had no choice but to wreck.
  14. Well Jorg has been on the opposite side of that before as well, and you had better believe he wasn't going to let someone bump him out of a win again.
  15. the vette deserved it. They drove dirty all race and year in GT2. EVERYONE on that race track knew the pit wall curves into the track. the Vette driver was the one driving in a race line that would cause him to run into the pit wall. He should have lifted. but he didnt. IMO it was a smart move by the porsche driver.
  16. I must be totally blind or retarded because from the video i posted, the line Mags took would not have put him near any wall until the Porsche driver pushed him 20 feet into it.

    watch from the 13 second mark to see the normal race line, Jorg pushed mags into the wall. I dont have any problem with a car bumping another in a corner but its extremely dangerous and downright cheap to push another car at speed into a wall..
  17. Bumping a guy in the rear of the car in the last corner & on the last lap to try and get ahead is cheap too, especially since he cut the pitlane to get passed 1-2 laps earlier

    The corvette driver deserves it tbh
  18. deserved or not, that has nothing to do with the fact that Jorg never should have put him that far over. maybe a squeeze but that was idiotic and ended poorly
  19. Who here actually does racing in real life on a regular basis? I only kart, but its still the same rules when it comes to passing. You can block a pass is most all racing with ONE move. Now if they're next to you, you can squeeze them, but you cant squeeze them INTO a wall.

    Someone above said that EVERYONE knows that the pit wall starts to move into the track. It didnt look like the Porsche driver knew that.

    Dirty racing, but I'm glad to see the officials not stick there flags into this one. Good racing!
  20. a closed lmp1 racer please.
  21. yeah that's the way I race, one move, if they still get around you, then it's fair on both parts. I can't stand drivers that get mentally incompetent once adrenaline is up high.
  22. porsche should make a winning race car like the 962
  24. I think porsche has the best engineers but the laziest designers. Many will agree that from the first one that rolled out the factory, the last one doesnt fall too far. And as for motorsport, Le Mans in particular, Achtung! to the competition! For Porsche Will keep your hinds red, And jaws dropped.

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