Porsche Spyder

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by nick11, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. ok so i was in Montreal this weekend and on my why to the casino i drove past a car that i had recognized. i remembered where i saw it and it was on hear in the Montreal f1 weekend gallery so when i got home i went and looked for it and i found it. all i know about the car is that it is extremely rare and that there is at least one registered in Montreal (maybe a second that you can see in the pics (dark gray)) from the galery i know its called the "Porsche Spyder". if you have any more pics or info on the car could post it hear. thanks

    hear are the pics from the gallery
  2. yeah thats a sick car, ive seen it in montreal. btw whats the name of the porsche in on your avatar?
  3. Its actually called the wingho W3 Triposto
  4. interior looks like the interior ofa roller coaster
  5. its a 9ff gt2
  6. Looks like it would be an easy clean job after throwing up inside it due to it's sheer uglyness.
  8. not an official Porsche, but overpriced like whoa

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