porsche sucks!!!

Discussion in '1998 Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 Straßenversion' started by Atman, Aug 10, 2002.

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    and what about the Autothority Porche that LOST to the Lingenfeller Corvette in Car and Driver's Super Car Shootout in their September 02 issue?? That's right, Porche is for LOSERS!! LOOSERS!! That's why they won't race in Formula 1 anymore, because the company knows they will loose!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's Lingenfelter.
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    That tuned Vette has the best 0-60 time for any car besides true drag racers. Also the soon to be produced "Rocket Sled" Viper with 1700HP might have a lower 0-60 time. But I still like this car because it's a true race car. The only thing wrong is the low top speed which has to be a mistake.
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    i feel sorry for you...
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    Any you suck!!
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    porsche owns corvette dumb shit. corvettes are for women and homoless #%$got. whats so good about a corvette????its a piece of shit with a v8 in it. Porsche on the other hand use six cylinder engines that have power, ie. the 917 with 1400 hp stock.

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    my bad,
    its a flat 12 air cooled engine
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    A 1400 Horsepowered 911?!?!?!?!!!! Can I have the site that posts this information because no disrespect, but I don't believe you.
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    It's not the Lingenfelter Vette with the fastest record, it's the 427TT.
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    how mather F-in stupid are you??? Porsche sucks my ass, I think that you should look at the Dauer 962 DumbShit!
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    ok thmeres no way in hmell a vette can go 250mph, maybe 250kph cuase it was an export vette, and thme entire world outside the states uses metric cuase its better and another thing is just because it says teh # on teh speedometer doesbnt mean it can do it!
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    It sucks because you cannot afford one, right?
    go ride your bicycle to school, little kid, phew...!!!!

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