Porsche's future Bugatti buster?

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    I quote from Car and Driver's website:

    "Ordinarily, our standard response to adding mass is essentially phobic. However, unlike most scenarios relating to automotive dynamics, at Bonneville, weight is perceived as an asset.
    "It's one of the major tricks here," says Baechtel. "Adding weight makes the car more stable."

    Accordingly, once Baechtel and Habrzyk had the Honda's interior gutted and its safety features in place, they added weight, bulking the car up to about 3200 pounds with an empty gas tank (versus 2896, with a full tank, in our most recent test of a production S2000)."


    Shall I go further?
  2. they should make a Porsche 911 GT1 successor.
  3. See above.
  4. I never said the weight had more of an effect than aerodynamics, power, or gearing.

    I was simply correcting someone who said a car would have a higher top speed with less weight, which is clearly wrong.

    Also, see post above.
  5. See above.
  6. No, seriously. Educate me.
  7. Just remember how much money VW spent on building the Veyron. Porsche does not have the money and they are not stupid enough to spend it. Only possible solution: technology transfer due to their share of VW AG. Anyway, I cannot believe it.
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    Now you are talking about Bonneville, do you truely believe that the designers of the Veyron, would for one second think "Hey guys, instead of testing the car over here, why not ship it over to America to test how stable it is at Bonneville salt flats! YEAH!"

    "OMGZ even better Idea, lets add weight to make it more stable! ROFL"

    OF COURSE NOT, this is a one time thing at a one time place. That was even the specifics with that Honda they tested.
  9. "A car's top speed is affected by how much it weighs."
    thats what YOU said...now stfu.
  10. The stability gained at Bonneville by adding weight is directly applicable to the top speed runs that Bugati has done on an asphalt surface.
  11. Right, but "I never said the weight had more of an effect than aerodynamics, power, or gearing."
  12. I hope Gemballa will be the first who brings out the Veyron beater
  13. no, you FUcking idiot.

    have you ever heard the word "Ballast"
    when they add weight to a car, they will add it in vital places (such as the nose of the car to stop the nose lifting up) not just to the car in general.

    With Bugatti (make sure you spell it correctly, it makes you look like a dumbass if you can't), the car was just heavy, as a result of the promises made at Geneva. it has a whole bunch of luxury items, a very heavy powertrain, and a shit-tin of noise deadening, which all add weight. NOT a deliberate decision made by the engineers to make the car "More stable"

    i would suggest that you stop trying to argue a case that clearly is far from the truth.
  14. Bugatti4evar just did it for me, in the post above this one.
  15. lame ass Carrera GT?? the CGT is anything but lame, it's #$%#ing awesome.

    And this thing will never happen.
  16. horray. I want it
  17. I higly doubt Porsche would do something like this, it's just so not Porsche to do.
  18. ive always wanted porsche to actually pull out all the stops and make something to the maximum of their engineering capabilities.

    Based on what theyre able to do with a sub 4 liter flat 6 engine in the wrong spot, i dont see why they couldnt make the true end all be all of supercars.
  19. they need to reclaim there Le Mans dominance.
  21. i think they can, but they wont, it's a waste of time/money
  22. Is it just me or are both photos just slightly altered PShops of the Gemballa CGT PShop (u know, the one that Gemballa was going to put twin turbos on to get 1000hp and cost 1.8million on top of the CGT? )
  23. it is not just you
  24. They must have alot of confidence on their financial position to consider such publicity stunt as if the CGT wasn't enough!! I don't expect this car to be like a Veyron or a faster CGT. I expect it to be more in line with the Ferrari FXX, but more focused on actual race legal homologation than an out and out speed geek like the Veyron. The Lemans' organisation recently published their support for a return of GT1 style racers and this article indicates that Porsche is interested to do something about it. This makes proper sense, since the CGT project originated from an aborted Lemans program, so it is only logical to re-engineer the CGT to build a second Lemans racer along with their existing LMP. I like the fact that they are reinvesting the profit they made from the CGT back into it's racing program while building a few road going versions on the way. Brilliant!!

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